Become Part of Our Thriving Lifeonaire Community and Create the Life and Business You’ve Dreamed About.

What Is Lifeonaire Connect?

Lifeonaire Connect is a powerful network of driven, passionate, like-minded people coming together to achieve their wildest life and business goals and achieve true success.

What makes us different is that in contrast to just making a lot of money (which is a low standard but how many define success), we’re talking about something much greater and meaningful… having both a life and business you love.

This is crucial because what’s the point of having all the money you want if you’re too busy, stressed, and overwhelmed to enjoy it? Or if everything else in your life is falling apart around you? It’s a tragic dead end that we’ve seen many times before. Maybe you have too.

Instead, we’re gonna help you be successful both in business and in life so that you don’t have to constantly sacrifice one for the other. Yes – you can finally have both!

In other words, we’re going to show you the pathway to true success and abundance.

We do this by providing an incredible community, rock-solid proven content, and powerful coaching.

Who Is This For?

  • You’re working hard and trying to do things right, but not getting the results you hoped for or deserve.
  • You feel like you’re alone on an island and don’t have the resources, knowledge or a supportive group of allies in your corner that actually want you to succeed.
  • Your business is taking up all your time, focus, and attention and other parts of your life are getting sacrificed as a result.

Why Should I Join?

  • You’re tired of trying to do this alone and want to be surrounded by others who can help you.
  • You want access to the best information, tools, and resources to catapult your business forward in a way that allows you to work less and make more.
  • Want to learn from people who are making incredible things happen and build quality relationships with others on the same journey to the top.
  • You want to do this RIGHT and achieve true success in every area of life, not just business.

What Does Membership Include?

Explanation Of Benefits…hold on tight – there’s a lot!

  • Monthly Meeting Attendance: This is your main monthly meeting where you’ll learn new, proven real estate investing or Lifeonaire principles, strategies and approaches that work in the real world. Also, because a lot of success is who you know, we provide plenty of time to network with your fellow members and form valuable friendships, relationships, and business connections.
  • Access to Global Lifeonaire Community: This is your chance to connect with the global community through the Lifeonaire app. You’ll meet people from all over the world that are making great things happen and will benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of others as they share their lessons, trials, and successes. You can be a passive lurker and soak up the information or an active participant who’s making waves – it’s totally up to you.
  • Local Group in the Lifeonaire App: This is a private group in the Lifeonaire app exclusively for you and other members of your local group to connect, share, and check in with each other. This is your 24-7 lifeline to others when you need to get in touch with your local community fast. Maybe you need a contractor, advice, or want accountability. Get it here!
  • Nationwide Connect Group Access: Can’t make your local meeting? Just want to experience a new group and connect with new people? You can attend the monthly meeting of any group across the country as much as you want at no additional cost.
  • Lifeonaire Fast Start Kit: To get you started on this journey and making progress as quickly and easily as possible, we’ve put together our best selection of time-tested tools, resources, and training that we’ve seen help our students turbocharge their results.
  • Live Insider Coaching Calls: These coaching calls are awesome! Lifeonaire has 6+ live, interactive coaching calls per month on a variety of valuable topics as well as live Q&A. You can just listen in or actively participate and ask questions, get feedback, help and coaching, right there on the spot!
  • Insider Coaching Call Recordings: Can’t make it to a call live? Want to listen again and absorb more? No problem, you get full access to our entire cache of call recordings. We have years worth of incredible content in our archives that you can listen to at your pace and convenience.
  • Full Access to Training eLibrary: This alone is worth thousands of dollars. You get access to our complete online training library which includes all our real estate investing courses including Wholesaling for Quick Cash, Rehabbing for Big Cash, New Home Construction, and more. One-Year Job Elimination Plan? It’s in there. Training on the 4 Stages of Prosperity? Yup. Every Lifeonaire training we’ve ever created is in here. Even cooler, this library is constantly being updated, expanded, and improved.
  • Connect Mastermind: There’s nothing on this planet as powerful as masterminds and here is your chance to get together with other high-level Lifeonaires in an intimate virtual setting and take advantage of the vast collective genius of the group. This is an incredible opportunity to openly brainstorm, mastermind, discuss, and share challenges, ideas and strategies so that everyone benefits. The rising tide lifts all boats! If you haven’t been part of a Lifeonaire mastermind, you don’t know what you’re missing.
  • Get-A-Life Home Study Course: While there’s absolutely nothing like being at our 3-day Get-A-Life Getaway live and in-person, we understand that it can sometimes be a challenge to attend. But not to worry! Instead of waiting until “someday when” you can join us live and missing out on the life you deserve until then, we created our brand-new Get-A-Life Home Study Course that will allow you to start immediately working on your Lifeonaire Vision, your action steps, waypoints, and more – right from the comfort of your own home.
  • Debt-Free Investing Training: Learn how to invest without ever borrowing another penny from anyone again. Our students are using this powerful strategy with every kind of investment possible and are doing it without the stress, liability, or limitations of taking on debt the traditional way. This is a game changer.
  • Masterclass Webinars/Bootcamps and Saturday Workshops: Lifeonaire conducts and facilitates advanced deep-dive training on a variety of business and real estate investing topics, ranging from self-storage, AirBNBs, hard money lending, creative investing, wealth building, self-directed IRA investing, and everything in between These are taught by true experts with a proven track record for success who actually do what they teach, not “armchair gurus”.
  • Get-A-Life Getaway Event: This is our flagship live training experience. We’ve been doing these events for over a decade and have changed the lives of over 10,000 attendees. At this event we help you create a crystal-clear Lifeonaire Vision, overcome limiting beliefs, understand why you’ve struggled in the past, and show you the best path of specific action steps to follow to achieve your future dream life. 
  • Business Builder Workshop: At this training you’ll learn the “Lifeonaire Way” of doing business. In other words, how to create and run a business that makes full-time income but with part-time hours. This workshop is applicable to any and every type of small business and real estate investing endeavor. 
  • Lifeonaire Connect Summit/Reunion: Formerly known as the Lifeonaire Mega Teaching Day, this is a hybrid event combining the best elements of formal education with networking, fun, and masterminding. You get to learn about and discuss cutting-edge information from our most successful students that are out there doing it, and rub shoulders with others in the Lifeonaire community who are moving towards their vision.

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