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Dear Friend,

Think back for a moment…

Do you remember why you decided to go into business for yourself?

If you’re like most people, you probably thought it would bring wealth, freedom, and control of your time.

And it can (if set up correctly), but look around and you’ll see…

Most Business Owners Have Designed Their Business COMPLETELY WRONG Without Even Knowing It…

And Are Suffering The Painful Consequences Because of It

This might be you too, if any of these feel true:

  • You’re not making the money you want – even though you’ve been working really hard and are trying to do everything right
  • You’re busier than ever, and can never seem to catch up. Some days you feel like you’re running on a treadmill, and it just keeps getting faster and harder
  • You don’t see any easy way out of your situation or how things can improve, and so you’ve even considered giving up completely, closing shop, and getting a dreaded “regular job”

If any of those sound like you…listen, I totally get it. That was me too, years ago.

But I just couldn’t give up and accept it when others told me “This is just the way it is“.

 I figured there had to be a better way, and I had too much riding on my success to waive the white flag.

I had a family to grow, support, and be there for.

I couldn’t imagine failing and having to go work my whole life for someone else.

I had to prove to my friends (and myself) that I could do it.

And so, I embarked on a daunting journey to discover how I could run my own business successfully and in a way that allowed me to have complete control of my time, make the money I desired, and give me the peace of mind that my business could run on autopilot without me. 

It was a tall order and a long, difficult undertaking.

I started by analyzing, studying, and dissecting the best and most profitable small businesses I could find. I evaluated their practices and systems, distilled and refined their unique formulas…

I then tested, experimented and tweaked them, and like a mad scientist, I finally figured out the secret formula.

I Created A Proven, Simple, Step-By-Step Process To Run Your Business In A Way That Will Make You A Full-Time Income With Only Part-Time Effort

I started revealing these secret principles, strategies and tactics with a small, exclusive group of individuals across the nation and the results have been nothing short of incredible.

Using this exact process, I’m seeing people do awesome things like:
  • Take 4-month-long vacations without even touching or worrying about their business at all
  • Working less than 15-20 hours per week on average, when they used to be working 60-70 hours a week, every single week
  • Loving what they do in their business because they’re finally doing what they’re best at and enjoy. They “get” to do it vs. “have to” do it.
  • Having their business run on autopilot without them, like having their own “Easy Button”

And now…I’m going to share them with you, at a FREE game-changing training, right in your backyard.

Now you may be wondering to yourself, why would I do this, especially for free!?

Here’s three big reasons:


Because I know what it is to desperately struggle in business and have so much on the line that failure is NOT an option.

Because I know the feeling of what it’s like to work really, really hard, and not get even close to the results you’re looking for and not realizing the problem wasn’t me – it was the formula I was following.

And lastly, (and maybe this is a little self-serving), because I know you’ll come back to me soon and share an awesome success story, which I’ll then be able to use and share with others to inspire them.

So with that, let me encourage you…

Join Me And See How To Create A Wildly Profitable Business In 18 Hours Per Week or Less, And Have The Life and Business Of Your Dreams

You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose
And Everything To Gain!

To learn these life-changing principles and strategies, simply choose one of the options below and we’ll save a spot for you (but hurry – there’s very limited seating!)


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Here’s just a few of the things you’ll learn when you attend:

  • Why working more than 4-5 hours per day will actually produce LESS income for you this year
  • How to finally stop being a one-person shop where you’re CEO (Chief Everything Officer) and are constantly putting out fires and burning the candle at both ends.
  • The Four Stages to Financial Prosperity that if you follow in order, guarantee you’ll have complete time and financial freedom. Miss any one of these and you are setting yourself up for frustration and failure
  • The number one reason people don’t feel the freedom in their business they so strongly desire. (99.0% of people are doing this WRONG!)
  • And much more!

What Others Are Saying:

This is the one-stop shop – you don’t have to look any further…
Ericka Payne

Baltimore, MD

…has changed my life in more ways than I even realize.
Mike Neubauer

Crown Point, IA

Truly incomparable…one of a kind!

Justin Patterson

Bryant, AR

I want my friends and family to attend this event!

Hussain Harun

Madison, WI

…gives you purpose and direction.

Andy and Jen Kuba

Massillon, OH

… get there for sure. This will be the greatest gift you could give yourself & your family.

Jason Palliser

St. Pete, FL


Just for showing up, you’ll get a copy of our groundbreaking Business Autopilot Quick Start Field Guide.

This is a step-by-step manual that reveals my proprietary process for how to Strategically Eliminate, Automate, and Delegate (SEAD) (pronounced seed) your business, so that you can create a cash-flowing cow of a business that you love and gives you the time, peace of mind, and freedom to enjoy life. PRODUCT IMAGE

Again, this is yours, completely free just for attending.

See you there!

P.S. – Get there early and get a good seat. These sessions will be packed for sure!