Do you long to live a life that’s God-centered in every way?

If you do, you know how transformational it can be to invite God into your life. It allows you to become a version of yourself that’s far beyond what you could imagine.

Lifeonaire’s founder, Steve Cook, has always been passionate about coming alongside people and equipping them to go change the world. He recently took a sabbatical, and the power of this practice is something he pondered. 

Steve asked himself how he could guide a group of people towards this pursuit of a deeper relationship with God where they could make massive changes in the world around them through their businesses and beyond. 

It was there that his new coaching and mastermind group was created.

Introducing “M-Cubed” (M³)

Which stands for Marketplace Ministers Mastermind

This is going to be for people who are ready to take their Vision journey to the next level by making it God-centered so they can prepare to make a greater impact through the marketplace.

So what is M³?

It is a coaching and mastermind group that’s foundation resembles our raved-about coaching program, Titanium, one of the longest-running and most successful mastermind and coaching programs in the industry.

Like a Titanium group, M³…

  • Is centered around making an abundant life and a business that supports it. (If you’ve been to a Get-A-Life Getaway or are in Titanium, you know the ways Lifeonaire meets you where you’re at, helps you uncover your ideal life, and guides you on your journey to get there)
  • Includes one-on-one coaching to help you dissect your roadblocks and discover solutions
  • Assembles three times a year in-person to elevate the entire group through the power of masterminding

What makes M³ unique?

  • Steve Cook will be your teacher; he will come alongside you as your coach
  • It will challenge members to transform their Vision into one that’s Christ-centered
  • It will be a 25 month program (after which, members will be prepared to move forward with what was cultivated in the group)
  • It will be limited to just 12 members (no new members will join once it launches)

What will M³ help you achieve?

  • You will be transformed by your Christ-centered Vision, where you will partner with God to create and execute a life and business that challenges you weave God into all parts of your life
  • You will experience deeper relationships that honor God
  • God commanded us to go out there and make disciples, and you’ll get equipped with how to do this
  • You and your fellow members will create businesses that allow for greater influence (you will get to build the Kingdom through business)

If you’ve had a pull on your heart lately to take things to the next level, we’d love to have you on this adventure with us through M³.

Our relationship with the Lord can always be deeper, and there’s always an even greater potential we can tap into through Him. May this be the next step of an incredible journey you and God will go on together.

If you are interested, click the button below to fill out an application, and we will be in touch with you shortly.