Hey, what’s up Lifeonaires. This is a quick message announce TWO awesome new coaching calls starting right away. And believe me, we are STOKED to finally (by popular request) be able to add these two new ‘gems’ as routine resources for both our Titanium members and Lifeonaire Insiders alike.

Here’s a quick, fun little video where me and JP Moses spill the beans so you know

  1. what to expect,
  2. whether it’s right for you, and
  3. when/how you can take advantage of it.

It’ll only take like 7-minutes, and heck—you can even 2X through it in around 3-mins! 🙂

Boom! 🙂

Here’s the super quick 411:

1) Level-Up Your Lifeoniare Vision—a new monthly live coaching call with JP Moses (Lifeonaire coach) helping other Lifeonaires better understand building and sharpening your Lifeonaire Vision. We’ll often kick off orbiting conversation around a specific topic together, then Q&A and live coaching for whoever shows up and wants some help building or refining your Vision.

  • When: 2nd Thursdays monthly @ 2pm CST (kicking off June 14, 2018)
  • How: Zoom meeting link will be sent to members via email.

2) Business Builder Coaching Call—This is for any Lifeonaires who’re actively in business-building mode or trying to level-up your business in some way. I’m excited to be leading these calls myself, and you can expect lively, creative discussions on how to make decisions like a business owner (vs. your biz owning you), breaking through business-related challenges, and building/running it like a Lifeonaire—yes, profitably, but also in a way that’s congruent with (i) your core values and (ii) your Lifeonaire Vision. This coaching call has been frequently requested, and should apply to any/all business owners, regardless of your specialty or industry.

  • When: 3rd Wednesdays monthly at Noon CST (kicking off June 20, 2018)
  • How: Conference call info will be sent to members via email.

So yeah, we’re looking VERY forward to these new coaching calls. They’ve been a long time coming.

Jason WojoSee ya soon—do what you can to be there with us! 🙂

—Jason Wojo
Lifeonaire Coach & CEO

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