What is Lifeonaire?

ike is one of those people who’s truly a joy to coach. Once he decides a change must be made to his life to get him closer to his Vision, he simply makes that change. He does it in a very straightforward and intentional way, He measures...

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Dream Big! (Or Not)

Shoot for the stars! Don’t think small! You’ll never get anywhere with small dreams! e’ve all heard it before, right? Most success books or motivational speakers will teach you to dream big. And then there’s that whole group of people...

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More=Better (and other lies)

When I first discovered this thing called “Lifeonaire”, one of the thing that most appealed to me was the concept of being able to define success my way. Truth be told, it continues to be one of the most appealing things for me about the…

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The Mexican Fisherman

recently heard a story that paints a striking, compelling picture of a core value in the culture of a Lifeonaire... Prosperity Through Simplicity. It wasn't my first rodeo—I recall first hearing this story over a decade ago in Tim...

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Amazing: “A Vision for Our Marriage”

 have an amazing story to share with you, so get ready. 🙂 I’ve been sharing the Lifeonaire concept and message with people for many years now – informally in the context of my day-to-day life, and sometimes at live events.  At times...

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A Written Vision Really Works!

hroughout the years many Lifeonaires have visited my home and witnessed the culmination of a beautiful vision: A simple life, a modest home, walking distance to a really cool downtown with coffee shops, cafes, my office, etc. I'd like...

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A Lot to Learn From Disney

As I drove home from an appointment recently, I saw my sons bicycle in the street at a friends house who lives a little ways up the road. Now I’ve asked my son a a number of times now to pull his bike up close to his buddy’s house when he goes…

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My Prosperity “Secret” 😉

s we set out to launch the all new recently, there are many things new about Lifeonaire that the world will soon be introduced to.  It's a new season in the life of the company. A season where we anticipate and expect...

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In 2018—Help First, Give First

s the page turns on another New Year, it’s a natural time to assess the last year, and contemplate the future with the self-challenging question: Where am I going from here?

For me 2017 was a great year. It had its ups and downs, but overall I cannot complain.  Life is really good.  As I look back, I see how abundantly God has blessed me, and I have much to celebrate. But the thought of “accomplishing more” comes with mixed feelings.

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Stale Vision? Let’s Refresh It…

have recently had the absolute privilege of reading the visions of two of the newer members my Lifeonaire VIPs coaching group.  It is incredible to see the clarity that they have, but more importantly I'm excited to see the progress...

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Where are you in the 4 stages of financial prosperity?