The Opportunity Cost We Mostly Miss…

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “opportunity cost” before, and even have a pretty good idea of what it means, in a financial sense.

But… What if that’s not all there is to understanding “opportunity cost”?

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2 New Lifeonaire Coaching Calls

ey, what's up Lifeonaires. This is a quick message announce TWO awesome new coaching calls starting right away. And believe me, we are STOKED to finally (by popular request) be able to add these two new 'gems' as routine resources for...

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If I Were the Devil

Lifeonaire’s vision and purpose was first sparked by a quiet time Steve Cook had about a decade ago. So naturally, it’s no coincidence that Lifeonaire’s principles orbit around clearing the fog of the distorted American dream and awakening to God’s principles for achieving more abundant life.

Over the years, the words of Paul Harvey’s If I Were the Devil  have come up now  and again in different Lifeonaire circles and discussions. It’s really something to consider how accurately he “prophesied” the future spiritual condition of the United States so many years ago…

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Accelerating the ‘SPLAT’

In my recent article I shared a really excellent summary of what it means to be a Lifeonaire from one of my coaching students, and how he goes about making sure he achieves his Vision.
Today, I want to speak about a challenging concept I’ve been sharing in recent years I call “Accelerating the Splat”. You’ve probably heard the joke before, “It’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop at the bottom.”

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Why Did I Write Lifeonaire?

ave you ever asked yourself—When is this going to get good? Or—How much harder do I have to work? Or—When do I get a break? You may know who I am from the real estate investing world. I'm one of the guys who had the rags-to-riches story. I bought...

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What a Waste of Time

few weeks ago I shared the story of the Mexican fisherman that paints a striking, compelling picture of two Lifeonaire cores values: (i) defining your own success, and (ii) setting yourself up to win. Well, time for another fishing...

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The Secret to a Balanced Life

e live in a crazy world that presents us with all kinds of opportunities, tasks, celebrations, challenges, you name it. Sometimes the challenge is to figure out how to do it all. More and more these days, we seek out all kinds of...

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What is Lifeonaire Coaching Really Like?

eople ask what Lifeonaire coaching is really like? ...What's it all about? If that's you, here's a little 3-min clip we threw together just to give you a little idea. Quickly hitting on things like... What do people really get out of...

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