What is Lifeonaire?

The year was 2003.

Steve Cook, at that point a successful and well-known real estate investor and coach, had two separate students approach him back-to-back and say…

“Steve, teach me how to be a millionaire”.

It was a common request for him, but something was different about it this time.

Upon further questioning of the individuals, it became apparent to him that in both cases, while they believed money was the answer they were searching for, he knew they didn’t really want the money.

They wanted the life that they thought the money would buy.

The realization lingered in the depths of Steve’s mind until one day, during his quiet and prayer time, the word “Lifeonaire” was given to Steve and he muttered to himself what would later become a frequently-cited maxim “A millionaire has a lot of money, but a Lifeonaire has a lot of life.”

From that moment of divine download, he went to work on developing the philosophies, principles and strategies of living a truly abundant and prosperous life.

The first Lifeonaire coaching group was formed, the Lifeonaire Get-A-Life Getaway was born, and the Lifeonaire book was published.

Fast forward to today, and many tens of thousands of lives have been forever changed by Lifeonaire, both in our followers directly and also secondarily within the circles of people they interact with.

In a culture that glorifies busy, the grind, and the hustle, Lifeonaire holds up the mirror of truth for those who are ready to see it…typically those who have already suffered loss due to the endless pursuit of money over all else, those who deep down know something is wrong with society’s view of the “American Dream”, and who have sacrificed everything most important to them on the altar of worldly success.

Although everyone can benefit from the Lifeonaire message, our focus is reaching real estate investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs because these people are most vulnerable to the lies of our culture that says our worth is based on our wealth and possessions while one-upping the Joneses.

Contrasting this “Millionaire Mindset” with the Lifeonaire Philosophy and you will see a profound contrast.

Lifeonaires live, play and work by a different set of rules; ones they create.

They are guided by a vision for their lives – a clear blueprint for the ideal life as they define it.

They believe in placing first things first and prioritizing the most important.

They work less, often make more, and love their life.

Their business compliments instead of competes with their personal life.

They experience freedom and independence with their time, finances, and choices.

They feel a sense of joy, peace, meaning, and fulfillment.

And best of all, they are shining examples of hope, light, and truth to others who need to see a better way.

Today Steve and his partner (and former student) Jason Wojo run the company in tandem and work together to spread the message to corners of the world.

Welcome. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

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Steve Cook

Steve Cook

Founder of Lifeonaire

From being a college dropout and working on a road construction crew, to having two failed restaurants, and then to becoming a national real estate investor mogul… Read More »

Jason Wojo

Jason Wojo

CEO of Lifeonaire

Employee turned unlikely entrepreneur, Jason Wojciechowski (Wojo) first came to Lifeonaire as a founding Titanium student in 2009. On the surface he looked successful… Read More »