Upcoming Events

WARNING: Due to high demand, events are selling out well in advance of the event date. We don’t want to see you shut out from the event that could change everything for you, so please register early to ensure you get a seat. We look forward to seeing you live in-person soon!

Get-A-Life Getaway

Feb 3-5, 2022 – Raleigh, NC

March 17-19, 2022 – Denver, CO

1-2 More dates will be added soon for 2022.

Business Builder “3-Day MBA” Workshop

Business Builder Workshop – Raleigh, NC

Apr 7-9, 2022 – Raleigh, NC

1 More date may be added for fall 2022.

Lifeonaire Connect Summit

Denver CO, Sept 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I’ve just signed up - I’m so excited! What happens now?

After you register, be on the lookout for important emails from us containing things like event details and information, suggestions and tips for optimal preparation, timely announcements, etc. (Note: please “whitelist” Lifeonaire in your email settings so that we don’t accidentally get sent to your spam folder and you miss out).

Q: Which Lifeonaire events should I attend? 

The Get-A-Life Getaway is for anyone who wants a better life, period. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are right now in your life - we can help you create a life of meaning, joy, and purpose. The Business Builder Workshop is for those people who realize they need to be their own boss and control their own financial destiny, but also want to do it in a way that allows them to have a great life too. Freedom Academy gets you access to both the Get-A-Life Getaway and the Business Builder Workshop, and at a discounted price.

Q: What makes your events different from everyone elses’?

Here’s just a few quick things that make Lifeonaire unique: (1.) We live it, not just teach it. We’re not “false teachers” or “armchair gurus”, (2.)  We guarantee 100% satisfaction. Come to the full event and if you don’t think you can benefit from what you learned, we’ll refund you completely, and (3.) Our principles, concepts, and teachings have been honed and tested in the real world and are also in alignment with scripture. 

Q: Is my ticket transferable? 

Yes. You can transfer your ticket to anyone of your choice at no cost. We ask that you simply let us know at least 48 hours in advance of the event so we have time to make arrangements. (Wow - you must really like and care for someone to give them your ticket! 🙂

Q: What if I can’t make the event I signed-up for? 

Not to worry, life happens. Although it stinks you’ll have to wait to experience the life-changing effects of the event, you can attend a replacement event within 1 year of ticket purchase without penalty or fee. Please let us know in advance if you can’t attend by emailing us at events (at) lifeonaire (dot) com and we’ll get you set up. Note, however, this offer doesn’t apply if you “no-show” without advanced notice. In such cases your ticket is forfeited.

Q: How do I get the most from my event?

Come coachable with an open mind, and promise yourself you’re going to do something with what you learn. Pay close attention, take notes, and as you go through the training, see yourself implementing, taking action, and getting the results you desire. This will help you create a compelling future and make you more likely to absorb, retain and apply what you learn.

Q: Is Lifeonaire only for Christians?

Not at all. While our teachings have biblical foundations, we believe that anyone will benefit from Lifeonaire principles, concepts, and philosophies. What we teach is true, applicable, and valuable in the real world no matter who you are, your background, or your situation.

Q: Is my ticket refundable?

Your ticket is refundable under two conditions: (1.) within 10 days of purchase, or (2.) if after attending the entire training you don’t see how if you apply the lessons it will improve your life/business, we’ll refund you full ticket price. 

Q: Anything else I should know?

If possible, we strongly recommend that you attend with other people in your “circle” that you care about and want to have a great life - your friends, family, co-workers, etc. Not only is it way more fun and interesting to go on this journey with others, it’s also a lot easier for you because now you have the support of others.

Q: Who do I contact with questions?

We’re here for you. Email us at events (at) lifeonaire (dot) com.


Q: Are tickets for sale at the door?

For you last-minute-ers, yes tickets will be sold at the door if the event is not at capacity, but they will be at full retail price as listed online (no discounts). However, these events frequently do sell out so please check with us in advance before you show up and find out you can’t get in because we’re full. Or you could just save yourself some money and the chance of missing out and get your tickets in advance 🙂

Q: What should I bring to the event? 

You will be provided with an event manual that you’ll be filling out so you are encouraged to bring something to write with. You may also want to bring some snacks as well as a sweatshirt or light jacket, as the meeting room tends to be cool.

Q: Do I get an actual hard copy of a ticket that I have to bring?  

No, we’re saving trees. Once you sign up you will receive an email receipt with confirmation of your purchase. We will also have you in the system on our end and can pull you up when it’s time for check-in. Keep a copy of your email just in case though.

Q: Is there anything I need to do to prepare in advance of the training?

Stay on top of incoming emails from Lifeonaire for all instructions regarding the event. We’ll be sending over important information that will help you get the most out of the training and make sure you don’t miss anything. You’ll also want to get in the Lifeonaire app because some event-related communication and discussions will occur specifically over there. Available on Apple or Android or go Here for the desktop version.


Q: What software/technology do I need to attend your virtual training?

We use Zoom for our virtual events (zoom.us). You do not need to create an account to join a Zoom meeting as a participant. While we believe your experience may be better if on a computer or tablet because we utilize a significant amount of screen sharing, you can also join using a mobile device. For Zoom to work, you’ll need to be online via a WiFi connection or mobile hotspot.

Q: What are the hours of the training?

Unless otherwise specified in advance, the training goes from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM each day. There will be short breaks throughout the sessions.

Q: Is there anything I need to do to prepare in advance of the training?

Stay on top of incoming emails from Lifeonaire for all instructions regarding the event. We’ll be sending over important information that will help you get the most out of the training and make sure you don’t miss anything. You’ll also want to get in the Lifeonaire app because some event-related communication and discussions will occur specifically over there. Available on Apple or Android or go Here for the desktop version.


Q: I already know what I want in life. Why should I still attend?

Knowing and having are two completely different things. That’s why 99% of us “know” how to get in shape, but most of us don’t do it. Unless your life is 100% exactly the way you want it to be in every way, you will benefit from this event. Not only will we help you uncover the “how, what, and why” for every part of your vision, we help you identify the exact steps to get there and make it a reality. We also get very practical and granular and show you how to calculate exactly how much time and money you’ll need to live your vision. By the time you leave you’ll have all the tools you need to create and live the life you want.

Q: I’m broke financially and just need to focus on making money. I can’t worry about life right now. 

We can certainly empathize with your situation. Being stressed about money is no fun. However, we’d like to caution you about this approach for a few big reasons that we’ve seen in other folks: (1.) In order to be truly successful, you must design your life first and business second, not the other way around. Unless you do this, there’s a good chance you might be taking yourself further off track and it will be much harder to course-correct later, (2.) Many people get on the treadmill of making money and without a Lifeonaire Vision, they find they never have enough. It becomes a moving target you’ll never hit. and (3.) Believe it or not, but you’re more likely to be successful with your finances when you have a Lifeonaire Vision because now you have a meaningful reason to make the money. 

Q: I’m very well off financially and already have a pretty good life. Why do I need this?

Having money can be great, but what we’ve seen is that money alone isn’t even close to being the #1 indicator or influence to having a great life. There’s very little relationship between the two. Just look around and see how many actors, professional athletes, musicians, and lottery winners are unhappy. Unless you know specifically what’s most important to you, are fulfilled, and have a sense of purpose and meaning, you won’t have the life you want, regardless of the $$$. When you attend we’ll help you discover those and get you on the right track to having them in your life.

Q: Is this a feel-good “new age” approach to living?

No way. We’re not going to hold hands and sing songs or try to convince ourselves that life is great when it’s not. Instead, we teach you proven principles, tools and strategies to actually create and have a great life - one filled with peace, fulfillment, purpose, joy, and abundance. We’ve had over 10,000 people go through this event and have their life changed permanently as a result, because what we teach works.


Q: What is this “Lifeonaire way of doing business” I keep hearing about?

Many people forget that the most important goal of your business is to provide for the lifestyle you want. When you miss this crucial piece of information, many peoples’ business becomes their life. With this in mind, Lifeonaires put and design their life first, and then build a business to support that life (not steal from it). This often means organizing your business strategically and working part-time hours while making a full-time income.

Q: How is this different from other business training I’ve attended?

Other business trainings are all about business and give no consideration to how you want your life to look. This means they could teach you something that might help you make more money but could completely destroy your personal life in the process. Our approach is different. We walk you through the steps of how to create a business that compliments your life rather than competes with it.

Q: What kinds of businesses is this workshop for?

Small businesses of all types and sizes will benefit from this training. Whether you’re the only person in your company or have a dozen employees, are brick-and-mortar or online, or have been around for 10 days or 10 years, you can apply our formula to your business. Don’t even have a business yet? No problem (and maybe even better!). Learn right from the start how to set up and run your business in a way that makes it profitable, enjoyable and in alignment with your Lifeonaire Vision.