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What Is Lifeonaire?

Lifeonaire is a Christian-based life and business coaching organization dedicated to helping people live truly abundant and prosperous lives. Think of it this way…a millionaire is someone who has a lot of money; a Lifeonaire is someone who has something much more valuable…a lot of life. Many have achieved great wealth, but few with great wealth have also achieved great lives. That’s where we step in. We help people make more, work less, and create lives and businesses they love.

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The Benefits of a Single Income Household

The Benefits of a Single Income Household

When both are working, couples today have the ability to qualify—through borrowing—for pretty extravagant lifestyles. A primary house, brand new vehicles, nice vacations, retirement accounts, and perhaps a second home are all on the table. They have the ability to paint the picture of a very prosperous lifestyle. The family they desire to build will be introduced into the perfect backdrop. Then things get hard!

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