Steve CookIn a previous article I talked about people who live very successfully tend to ask themselves great questions.  Or at least they have someone in their life that’s asking them the great questions. Great questions lead to great answers that then—mixed with some action—lead to great results.

I decided to bring one of our foundational Lifeonaire questions into light because it’s such an important one. In fact:

  • It’s the foundational question that makes everything else come together.
  • It’s the number one question that everything else you ask yourself should stem from.
  • If you cannot clearly answer this question, then there’s just no foundation for any of the other questions you could ask yourself.  You will be living with a moving target and day to day the answers to the great questions you ask yourself can change.

The big question is…

Will it bring me closer to my vision or further away?

Think about it.  Every time we’re faced with making a big decision, a Lifeonaire should ask him/herself which choice in decision fits your Vision. If it doesn’t fit into your Vision, your answer should be clear.

The fact is, every decision we make will either take us closer to our Vision, or take us further away from our vision.

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to get to decide between two great things that will drive us closer to our Vision. This usually happens as we make good decisions on a regular basis—decisions that inch us further toward the Vision we have for our life.

But here’s the hard truth:

You can’t possibly do this without first having a clear vision for your life.

This isn’t just some pie in the sky stuff, it is real.

You also can’t keep your Vision just in your head, or your ideas for your Vision will change day-to-day as your circumstances and context change, and new influences come into your life. Those new influences,  (disguised as “opportunities,”) can pull you very far away from what it is you really want for your life.

Many people know that they want something different then what they want now. They know that they want things to be better, but they really can’t articulate what it is that they really want. And even if they can manage to do so today, it very likely won’t be the same 30 days from now.

So please don’t fool yourself—You must put your vision in writing!

So, the big question:

Will it bring me closer to my vision or further away?

…It’s a very powerful question that you should be asking yourself on a regular basis—a filter for every decision or “opportunity” that comes your way. And you can’t honestly answer this question without first having a written Vision—we call it your Lifeonaire vision.  This is the foundation for everything.  Without it, you will aimlessly live life.

So do yourself a favor and put the foundation you need in place. You can do this on your own, or we can help you with it. This is exactly what we do at our Lifeonaire Events, with our home study course, etc.…  We help you to develop and design the life that you want to live and to create a written Vision that guides you as you walk through this journey called life.

I’d love to hear your comments below.



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