Lifeonaire Event Terms and Conditions


You’ve made the fantastic decision to invest in yourself and your future by joining us at our upcoming training event. Thousands of lives have already been transformed by our workshops and our hope, expectation and prediction is that you will be next. 🙂

Returns and Cancellations

If, after purchasing your ticket, you decide you’re not ready to join us at this event yet, you may cancel and request a full refund within five (5) calendar days of purchase. We’d be totally bummed, but it’s ok. To submit a cancellation, email [email protected] and write “Event Ticket Cancellation” in the subject line. In addition, please include in the email (1.) proof of your purchase, and (2.) a short statement explaining your reason for cancellation. After receipt of your request, you will be promptly refunded and emailed a confirmation. Note: any special offer (bonuses, etc.) you may have received of will be voided/cancelled as well.

We also offer a full-money-back guarantee that if you attend the event in its entirety, participate fully, and don’t think it was worth the investment, we’ll refund every penny of your ticket price. All you have to do is let us know before you leave the event and turn in your workbook. (We know you’ll love it and that’s why we can offer this ‘no-risk’ guarantee. 🙂

Audio and Visual Release

We record our events for the purposes of quality control, documentation, and marketing. After all, we want to continually make this event better and better, as well as let people know how awesome these events are. As such, attendees hereby grant Lifeonaire the use of video and/or audio recordings for any purpose and give full permission to use their names or likeness in connection with the creation and sharing of such recordings.

Event Date or Location Changes

If you register for an event but later change your mind and would like to attend a different date/location, no problem. There’s no extra fees or penalties. To enroll for the new event, simply email [email protected] and write “Event Change” in the subject line. In addition, please include in the email (1.) which event you were previously registered to attend and (2.) which new event you’d like to attend. Following receipt of said items, you will be provided the new event information (venue, etc.). 

Also, although this is extremely rare, event dates and locations are subject to change (for instance once we ran into a hurricane). If this occurs for an event you’re already registered for, you will be notified immediately. If you are unable to attend the new event location/date, you may attend any other substitute event at no extra charge or request a refund. For a listing of all upcoming scheduled events, go to Lifeonaire is not responsible for travel or accommodation costs incurred due to rescheduling or modifying the event.

Recording and Copyright

We’re sorry but no audio or video recording of the event is permitted. Doing so is a violation of copyright law and all materials, images, processes, systems, tools, and content are copyrighted. Any unauthorized use, duplication, or distribution is strictly prohibited by law without prior written express consent of Lifeonaire. You are however allowed to take pictures during the event either for personal use or sharing on social media, so feel free to snap and share away. In such cases, please go ahead and tag us: #lifeonaire.

Liability Disclaimer

You acknowledge and agree that you are participating willingly, knowingly, and of your own volition, in any and all aspects of the event and are capable of critical thinking, objectivity, and prudence. Lifeonaire hereby excludes and denies any liability for any claims, losses, demands, injuries, or damages of any kind whatsoever in connection to participation in this event. In other words, you’re smart, can use your own judgement and can take care of yourself in regards to travel to and from the event as well as during the event itself. Cool?


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We Look Forward To Seeing You Soon!