Make More, Work Less, and Create a Life and Business You Love


Before You Choose Your Experience, Please Read the Important Message Below from the CEO of Lifeonaire


Dear Future Lifeonaire,

You have an important choice to make. You can choose to look at our world today through a lens of fear and uncertainty, or one of possibility and opportunity. 

In other words, while everyone has been affected by everything going on, I believe that how you personally choose to move forward is what will ultimately determine what your future looks like.

Said another way, YOU control your outcome – not the world’s happenings, latest news, or most recent crisis.

When you recognize and accept this truth, you’re now powerfully positioned to take charge of your future with confidence, certainty, and peace. 

Even in a world that has been turned upside down, YOU can still flourish personally and professionally.

I know this to be true because that’s exactly what I see in so many Lifeonaires around me.

They’ve created stable, profitable businesses they love and that compliments their life. They have no debt and don’t owe anyone anything. They have a vision, a blueprint, and a solid action plan for their ideal life that allows them to continue onward and upward with minimal disruption, despite life’s curveballs.

In other words, they’re going to be (more than) just fine…and I believe you can be too. 

There’s just too much at stake to not to, and that’s why we offer three transformational training experiences designed to give you full confidence and practical strategies to succeed in business as well the tools and know-how to create a life you love.

(And BTW, I believe that there’s never been a more important time than right now to be both financially independent AND have a life you love.) 


The Get-A-Life Getaway

This is our flagship event. We’ve been doing these events for over 10 years now and have had more than 10,000 lives transformed by attending. 

After joining us, you’ll have a crystal clear, inspiring Lifeonaire Vision for every single part of your life. You’ll know exactly what you want life to look like and will have a simple and easy-to-follow roadmap to get there. You’ll also know the specific action steps you can start taking immediately to get you there as quickly as possible. 

This isn’t a “new-age/feel-good” approach to living. This is a rock-solid, strategic, and personalized approach to creating and achieving an extraordinary life.

Once you attend you’ll never be the same and things like putting out fires in your life, neglecting important areas, confusion as to what to do next, as well as feeling unfulfilled, paralyzed, and overwhelmed will all be things of the past.


The Business Builder Workshop

In this immersive workshop we pull back the curtain on the Lifeonaire way of doing business and show you how to create and run a sustainable business that serves your life rather than competes with it. 

For most people this means setting up a business that allows them to work part-time hours while generating a full-time income so that they have flexibility and availability for things like family, friends, and personal time.

We’ll walk you through from start to finish how to structure, organize, and scale your business so that you’re not wearing all the hats and so that you can focus on only the most important and valuable roles. We’ll cover marketing, sales, finance, key metrics, leadership, company setup, and much more. 

In short, we’ll show you our time-honored and proven principles of running a profitable, thriving business in any market and in any industry.



P.S. If you’re like most people we help and are interested in having BOTH a life and business you love, we recommend coming to both events.

Here’s what attendees say about our events:


“Got out of my first
3 day…and It was transformative…”


“I left with clear focus, vision and I have a path set for the rest of my life…”


“…I’m invigorated, I’m excited, I’m fulfilled…”


“…if you use the principles of Lifeonaire, you can create a life that is just unbelievable…”

Warning: Lifeonaire can produce focus, determination, energy, passion and purpose in your life…enter at your own risk! Truly incomparable…one of a kind!

Justin Patterson

Bryant, AR

…changing the way that me and my wife are looking at our life. We have realized that we are just running in the rat race like everyone else and we want to start living our life the way we want to live it instead of the way the world thinks we should.

Gary Tretter

St. Louis, MO

Lifeonaire is absolutely the best decision I have ever made in my life! -next to picking a relationship with my wife of course

Tom Gerow

Milwaukee, WI

The Lifeonaire approach twists everything you’ve been taught your entire life and turns it on its head. You’ll learn how to be happier in your life, not by being enslaved by your debt or your mindset about your approach to working. They genuinely care about each of the people in their audience and are not there to sell you more stuff. I strongly recommend you attend.

Shari Peterson

St. Louis, MO

When I signed up for the Lifeonaire 3-day seminar, I had already been saying for some time, ‘Wow, I have to get some life in my life.’ My life had become a whirlwind of juggling 3 full-time careers (not just jobs), a commitment to write another book, and I was seeming to fall short on my commitments everywhere. I was living a life of disappointing everybody, especially myself. My debt had grown substantially and I felt like I had become the pinball in a pinball machine, batted around, making a bunch of noise every time I ran into an obstacle, and then falling into a deep hole of darkness, only to be slung back onto the playing field again and again. I was exhausted.

Somehow I knew that Lifeonaire was exactly what I needed. To simplify my life, to be empowered in my choices, and to be free again. Free to keep my commitments, free to spend special time with friends, family, and even strangers. In just three days, I had a clear vision for how I wanted to live my days, weeks, years, and lifetime. I had steps that were clear to achieve my most important goals. You’ll be hearing from me again as I continue to embrace the Lifeonaire way of living and start realizing the life of my dreams.

Amy Gillespie

Richmond, VA

My wife and I went to the 3 day Lifeonaire in Wisconsin Dells this April, and our life hasn’t been the same since. Our days that included stress and arguments are now filled with love, focus, and enjoyment of what is truly important in our lives. Until Lifeonaire, I was chasing “success,” chasing income numbers, chasing a specific number of deals, a certain size house, a number of vacations, and the list goes on. I was accomplishing goals that others thought made me successful. By their standards I may have been a success story, but I just wasn’t feeling it and Lifeonaire finally helped me see why. In 3 days, I completely changed my life by taking control and writing my own vision. Lifeonaire has changed my life in more ways than I even realize.

Mike Neubauer

Crown Point, IA

The event in Milwaukee was everything I expected it to be and more. The philosophy is simple and the changes take work. Having a focused time with guided exercises, time to reflect on what you need to do, and live examples of how others are making the changes in their lives was so encouraging. Now I have a plan, not just a concept. I am really looking forward to having another 3 days with these folks to refresh my resolve, refine my plan, and get on with my journey.

Jane Garvey

Chicago, IL

How has Lifeonaire impacted my life? It is almost impossible to describe every way that the Lifeonaire message has influenced my life. That is the power of the message; it infiltrates all areas of your life and gives you purpose and direction.

Andy and Jen Kuba

Massillon, OH