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From: Steve Cook
Knoxville, Tennessee

How many times have you stopped to think:

“If only I had more money, more confidence, or more resources, then I would be truly successful…”

That seems to be the answer, right?

If you had a better support system…

If you had just a little bit more money coming in each month…

If you had access to better industry leaders or wealthier members of your community…

Then, finally, you could unlock the secrets to an abundant life.

But what if that wasn’t true at all? What if the whole system you’ve been taught to chase is just false gold?

Haven’t you seen rich people chase greed and lose everything? (What about the money and resources?).

Haven’t you seen wildly successful people throw it all away for an affair or a get-rich-quick scheme? (What about the happiness of a hefty bank account?).

Is it possible that these millionaires and billionaires are actually missing the most important aspect of…Life?

Lifeonaire is all about living an abundant and prosperous life.

Think of it this way… a millionaire is someone who has a lot of money. A Lifeonaire is someone who has something much more valuable…a lot of life.

Many have achieved great wealth, but few with great wealth have also achieved great lives.

That’s where the Lifeonaire mindset comes in.

We help people make more, work less, and create lives and businesses they love.

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Inside this groundbreaking new book, you’ll discover the truth about…

Truth 1: “The Dream is a Lie”

More than likely, you’ve been told that there is a proven path to success that involves college, a good job, and a dream house, but that “dream” is a lie…

Truth 1: “Time is Shrinking”

If you’re not careful, you can literally give away all of your time, but working towards dreams not aligned with your life’s vision are not worth your time…

Truth 3: “Debts Limit Freedom”

Most financial experts want you to believe that there is good debt and bad debt, but all debt controls those under its power…

Truth 4: “The Rat Race is Sad”

Once you follow the so-called proven path, and reached every type of success, it’s still possible to find yourself completely unhappy in a beautiful place…

Truth 5: “Life First, then Money”

Money is an important tool to build your perfect life, but it’s not the only tool. Once you master your life, you can master your money.

So, What Exactly is a Lifeonaire?

(That’s what we’re all here to discover, right? So let’s dig in…)

Everyone has an interesting guess as to what the phrase Lifeonaire means…
Just ask the waitress who asked if we were HVAC specialists!

Well, if a Millionaire is a person with lots of money, a Lifeonaire is someone with lots of life.

A Lifeonaire can be a millionaire, but most millionaires are unfortunately not Lifeonaires…

This is because wealth-focused individuals are delaying many of the joys of life…

Spending time with family….

Recovering from work…

Or just plain enjoying life!

Because of their solo focus on making money.

So, what does it mean to have an abundant life?

It’s all about taking control of your time and money…

A Lifeonaire is someone willing to do the hard steps first in order to take back control of their time, their money, and their relationships, to live a full life.

In short, it’s a way to design your lifestyle first, then your streams of wealth. This is because we believe prosperity is about freedom of time and choices rather than a digital number in your bank account.

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Find Out What Others Are Saying About Lifeonaire

“If only I’d known this 20 years ago!”

“How many of us would like to re-live our lives, knowing from the beginning what we know now? That can’t be done. But this book, Lifeonaire, is the next best thing. Imparting how to really live Life, while you still have the chance!

How many of us are constantly chasing money, while failing to ever enjoy the fruits of richness? Lifeonaire isn’t about how much money you can make. It’s about what you can do with what you have, building reasonably for the future, and concentrating on the enjoyment life can bring. Changing your focus from how much money can I make, since it seems no amount of money is enough, or too much for that matter. No one lies on their death bed lamenting their wish of having made more money, or spent more time at work. Yet, that’s what most people focus on. But, how much money do I really need to live the life I really wanted to live to begin with? What do I really value in Life? How can I really enjoy the Life I have? That is Lifeonaire, as shared through the lives of real people in this book.”

—Tim Porterfield

“Nothing less than life-changing!”

A profound-yet-simple parable, I can honestly say the principles & values reflected in this book have been nothing less than life-changing for me. After snoozing through most of my life in “default mode”, I finally woke up to the reality that without a crisp, clear vision for the life I really want, I’m just living everyone else’s vision for my life by default. Now I get to create & live MY life…based on core values and vision I crafted, rather than other’s expectations or the “American Dream” mentality. Highly recommended!”

—JP Moses, Memphis, TN

“We now fit business around our personal life instead of the other way around.”

“We were very successful from a business perspective but less from a personal perspective. Lots of long hours building up a business to make more money. Lifeonaire changed our vision for our life; more money was not the answer. We now fit business around our personal life instead of the other way around. Our life is much more fulfilling from a personal, family, spiritual AND business perspective than we every thought possible. Thank you Lifeonaire!”

—Keith Borg, Dallas, TX

“A must read if you want to figure out how to live life better and more abundantly!”

“This is a must read if you want to figure out how to live life better and more abundantly! I am still working these principles into my life, but already I feel more fulfilled. I can see so much light ahead as I apply these principles more completely into my life!”

—Joshua Gierach, Madison, WI

“Instead of living someone else’s vision, we are living life on our terms.”

“The message of Lifeonaire has helped unlock countless freedom(s) in my life. Instead of living someone else’s vision, we are living life on our terms. If you come home thinking about work, if your relationships at home are stagnant, if you’re playing by the rules of the game, but not winning…this book is for you. It is a boomerang book for me. I commit to reading it once a year.”

—Michael Stansbury, Memphis, TN


“The Lifeonaire book was the life changing wake-up call that I needed”

“In a word: Awesome! This was the first book I’ve read straight through in years. This probably sounds a cliche, but the Lifeonaire book was the life changing wake-up call that I needed to put my business and life in perspective. Highly recommend!”

—Daniel Somerville, Akron, OH

“Lifeonaire has truly been life changing.”

“Lifeonaire has truly been life changing. I can say that we have grown in many ways especially in our ability to think big and realize that anything is possible.”

—Mike Kennedy, Davison, MI

“The ‘live more simply’ and ‘debt free’ messages of this book resonated with me.”

“The ‘live more simply’ and ‘debt free’ messages of this book resonated with me. We over-complicate our lives which prevents us from focusing on and spending time on what matters most to us. And this is different for every person.”

—Kevin Cuccinelli, MD

What an impact it is making on our life…

“Thank you so much for the wonderful Lifeonaire conference you shared in St. Louis in January. I was also able to hear you on the cruise which led us to the conference.  We just wanted to let you know what an impact it is making on our life. We now have our vision statement made and written down, and are beginning to move toward it. We feel God placed you in our life at a crucial moment. You see, we were debt free but were “stuck” in what was next. We have many stories how God provided while we were becoming debt free which are of great encouragement to others.  Thank you for being used by Him to guide us closer to him and in helping us make our vision more clear.

We are passionate about sharing the Lifeonaire plan to others, starting with our children and immediate family. If we could be of use to you in spreading this to others please let us know. I, Shirlee rediscovered my love for public speaking and am encouraging others with asking questions I learned from the conference and with sharing my many “Everyday miracles” provision stories. Steve is looking at getting out of the rat race sooner then later and focusing on what God has in store for him NOW.

The book you wrote also has impacted us and we are sharing it with others. We could not put it down.  Have you started your next book yet? Anyway, we wanted to thank-you for being a servant of the Lord and admire your humble spirit. If we could be of use to you in the Lifonaire conferences, please feel free to contact us, or if you ever come to Michigan let us know.”

—Shirlee and Steve Mooney