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Be Intentional with Every Opportunity

I was recently asked to speak at a grand re-opening of a Real Estate Investor Association in Madison, WI. My goal for the meeting was to teach them how to get the most out of being a part of the association.

I had to think through my career, particularly back to the group I started in Baltimore and to my early days when I was first becoming an investor. How did I go from a broke, doing nothing investor to the most active and arguably most well-known guy in town?

Go to Give

My success in groups came down to this:

I didn’t go to the meeting to get. I went to give.

I sought out others I could guide; people I could help become successful. That heart and attitude served me very well.

My willingness to give and my desire to see others achieve their dreams helped me to see each person in the room differently. I eagerly sought opportunities to lend a helping hand.

As a result, they wanted to help me. They wanted to work with me. Whenever I had a need, several people were willing to come alongside me to meet those needs. And they were interested in having me guide them. The more I helped others, the more my own business grew.

I do want to caution you though…

Your attitude for helping MUST be genuine.

If you’re only helping to get, then at the end of the day you’re showing up with the wrong intentions.

Give without expectation of getting anything back and something beautiful happens.

How Does this Translate to Lifeonaire Coaching Groups?

This heart attitude is especially helpful here. Your coach is there to help you, to come alongside of you and to see you succeed. But you are also part of a group, a mastermind group, a group of people who also want to see you succeed. When you come into a group with a big desire to see everyone around you succeed—and you’re willing to help make their dreams come true—they notice and do the same for you.

Steve CookGive, give, give.

Do so genuinely, without any expectation of getting anything back, and watch the amazing things that happen!

Can you think of times where this mentality has been beneficial to you?

I’d love to hear your stories/experiences in the comments section.


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