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Before I tell you about the Platinum Connect membership, let me give you some context so you can better understand the value and significance of this program.

We started Platinum because we realized there was a big gap between the Gold Connect membership and our Titanium coaching program, both in terms of price (Gold is currently $497 per year and Titanium is a one-time $5997 upfront fee plus an ongoing $597 per month), and the program benefits that are included at each level (too many to describe here).

Now, both Gold and Titanium are incredible programs, but they’re like comparing apples and hand grenades, and so we wanted to find a program that could hit the sweet spot between them.

Enter Platinum Connect…what we feel is the perfect combination of incredible value and benefits while also be much more accessible to people who aren’t ready for the financial or time commitment required for Titanium (they travel at least 12 days per year to retreats).

Now…what this looks like is a “best of both worlds” that gives you everything in Gold plus a TON more that in the past, even our Titanium members didn’t get.

First, your Platinum membership allows you to attend ALL our live events for free…as much as you want.


  • Our acclaimed Business Builder Workshop: At this training intensive you’ll learn the “Lifeonaire Way” of doing business. In other words, how to create and run a business that you love and makes you a full-time income but with only part-time effort. The techniques, strategies, and principles you learn here are applicable to any and every type of small business and real estate investing endeavor. 
  • The Get-A-Life Getaway (and you can even bring guests for free to this!): This is one of the very first things we recommend people attend because it will impact all aspects of your life and business. Here you will craft and create your own Lifeonaire Vision and map out the exact action steps and plan to get there. You’ll overcome limiting beliefs, understand why you’ve struggled in the past, and learn a whole lot about you that you probably didn’t even know. We’ve been doing these events for over a decade and have changed the lives of over 10,000 attendees, and you’ll be next.
  • Annual Lifeonaire Connect Summit/Reunion: Formerly known as the Lifeonaire Mega Teaching Day, this is an awesome hybrid event combining the best elements of real-time education with networking, fun, and masterminding. You get to learn what others are doing and discuss cutting-edge ideas with our most successful students. You’ll also get to meet and develop relationships with students and others in the Lifeonaire community who are all moving towards their vision.
  • All our Full-Day and Multi-day Workshops and Bootcamps: Lifeonaire works with a number of proven experts to bring their knowledge and experience directly to you. To do this we hold regularly-occurring deep-dive training on a variety of business and real estate investing topics, ranging from self-storage, AirBNBs, hard money lending, creative investing, wealth building, self-directed IRA investing, and everything in between. Importantly, these are taught by true pros who have a demonstrated track record of success who actually do what they teach, not “armchair gurus”.

There’s also three other HUGE benefits that make this program very special and you’ll want to take full advantage of:

#1: Complete Access to our Entire Digital Vault of Online Courses, Training and Resources.

This is our complete online training library which includes all our real estate investing and Lifeonaire training and courses.

What’s in there? 

    • Lifeonaire Fast Start Kit. To get you started on this journey and making progress as quickly and easily as possible, we’ve put together our best selection of time-tested tools, resources, and training that we’ve seen help our students turbocharge their results.
    • Business Builder Workshop Virtual Recording. Don’t wait to attend this event live in-person – we have a recording from a recent virtual event that you can access and dive into starting immediately!
    • Get-A-Life Home Study Course. While there’s absolutely nothing like being at our 3-day Get-A-Life Getaway live and in-person, we understand that it can sometimes be a challenge to attend. But not to worry! Instead of waiting until “someday when” you can join us live and missing out on the life you deserve until then, we created our brand-new Get-A-Life Home Study Course that will allow you to start immediately working on your Lifeonaire Vision, your action steps, waypoints, and more – right from the comfort of your own home.
    • My Fittest Year Ever Full-Day Training.Lifeonaire isn’t just about controlling your schedule and time,and having financial freedom. We empower you to live your best life, and for many, being in great physical shape is part of that. I mean, what good is all the time or money in the world if you’re sick all the time or feel terrible? This comprehensive training will walk you through exactly how to address and conquer every part of your fitness journey.
    • The 1-Year Job Elimination Plan. Thinking of quitting your job and stepping out on your own? Then you’ll want this guide to help you prepare and make the transition safely and smoothly.
    • Detailed Training on the 4 Steps to Financial Prosperity. Understanding and mastering these steps will be PIVOTAL in your achievement of financial success. Miss any one of them and you’ll really struggle to get off the hamster wheel.
    • Debt-free Investing. Learn how to invest without ever borrowing another penny from anyone again. Our students are using this powerful strategy with every kind of investment possible and are doing it without the stress, liability, or limitations of taking on debt the traditional way. This is a game changer.
    • All our Real Estate Investing Courses including our founder Steve Cook’s:
      • Wholesaling for Quick Cash. Need to make money fast? Wholesaling houses is a fantastic way to make chunks of change quickly with minimal risk when you know how to do it right. 
      • Rehabbing for Big Cash. Want to make $20,000, $30,000, $50,000+ on a fix-and-flip? Learn how Steve has done it hundreds of times and how you can too.
      • New Home Construction. Building new homes is exciting, fun, and uber profitable. Find out how to do them correctly and why this investment vehicle is so appealing to investors.

Access to this incredible and vast vault alone represents more than $10,000 dollars worth of training and materials if you were to purchase each individually….and it’s only getting more and more valuable because it’s constantly being updated, expanded, and improved. We have more coming as you read this right now, and nothing is held back…if we have it, you get it!

#2: Exclusive Participation in the Connect Mastermind.

This is AWESOME. There’s nothing on this planet as powerful as masterminds and here is your chance to get together with other high-level Lifeonaires in an intimate virtual setting and take advantage of the vast collective genius of the group. This is an incredible opportunity to openly brainstorm and work together to help each other by sharing challenges and opportunities, new ideas and insights, strategies that are working, and positive feedback so that everyone benefits. This is where “the rising tide lifts all boats.” If you haven’t been part of a Lifeonaire mastermind, you don’t know what you’re missing.

#3: Full Access to our Insider Call Archives Vault.

Can’t make an Insiders coaching call live? No problem – you won’t miss a beat. We record and archive all our Insiders calls so that you can easily and conveniently listen in when it’s best for you. Even better, maximize your “NET” (No Extra Time) and learn while you’re driving, exercising, or doing errands or chores. We have accumulated an incredible stockpile of specialized knowledge with years of calls in there and it’s constantly expanding. In other words, you’ll never run out of valuable training and an ongoing way to learn, grow, and get to the next level, all at your pace and convenience.


By Now You See There’s a LOT Included!


Take it all together and we believe Platinum is a home run program that can get anyone the results they’re looking for in life and business.

The cost is normally $9997 per year, but we’re doing a few very special things to sweeten this for you:

1. We’re discounting the investment to just $5997, and that covers the entire first year (a 41% savings!)

2. If you upgrade within the first 90 days of joining Gold, you get a full $500 credit and so it drops to only $5497. 

3. And get this…after that first year, it goes down to only $197 per month for as long as you’d like to remain in the program. (btw most of our students have been with us for many years because we continue to deliver overwhelming value).

Pretty cool right?

Anyway, as you can probably tell, it’s a pretty awesome opportunity for the right person and quite frankly I believe it’s an even better overall value than the Gold Connect when you factor in everything that’s included.

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