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On two occasions in the past month, I attempted to share everything I know about running a successful coaching business. We called these events “the Coaches Intensive.”

There are a few things I realized about coaching–and Lifeonaire–while teaching at the intensives, and I want to share them with you.

1) Few programs teach the business side. There are many people who will teach you how to, say, be a coach, but very few that will teach you how to build a successful business. There’s a difference. You can be the best coach in the world, but if you have no clients, you won’t have a business.

2) Lifeonaire is a one-on-one coaching program and a mastermind coaching program. These are tied into one very robust program. Most programs are usually one or the other. They are one-on-one coaching, or they are group coaching (notice I didn’t say mastermind. See #3).

3) Lifeonaire is one of only a few authentic masterminds out there. Most programs that call themselves “masterminds” are actually only group coaching. There’s a teacher who teaches a group rather than a group collectively masterminding together.

4) Lifeonaire is a life and business program tied into one. Most programs are either life, or they are business. We’ve had people who have a life coach and a business coach come to us really confused because their coaches were doing their jobs, and unfortunately, they conflicted with one another.

5) Lifeonaire’s retention is through the roof. If a coach is not able to keep their clients, they will find themselves always doing the hard work of finding new ones. This means they won’t have much time for actually coaching. The typical amount of time that a coach keeps a client is about 6 months. Lifeonaire coaches can measure their retention in years.

So I just shared some of the traits of a Lifeonaire group that make it successful, but here’s the true reason why it’s flourishing:

Because it’s real.

When you’re with your Lifeonaire group, there’s authenticity in the room.

Most people crave the opportunity to be real and at the same time to have someone come along side of them and love them, help them, guide them, and direct them through whatever it is they may be going through. They want people to celebrate with, and people who will challenge them and stretch them to be the best they can be.

At Lifeonaire, we take the best of all aspects of coaching and combine them into a beautiful mix that really works to transform people’s lives.

Finally, Lifeonaire was modeled after the most successful coaching program in history. Jesus had a group of 12 men that he poured into for years. Those men were changed, and then they changed the world.

Steve CookLifeonaire coaches pour into their clients and celebrate with them, all while equipping them to do the same for others.

Why has Lifeonaire coaching worked for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. ⇊

(PSWe’re seeing more assumptions challenged, beliefs built, and lives leveled-up than ever before from people reading Lifeonaire for the first time. 🙂 )

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