Yes, I did just say that getting rich with real estate is easy. 

Becoming a successful real estate investor is as easy as anything else in life that you would endeavor to do. It’s as easy as—or easier than—learning how to play a musical instrument. Or learning to ride a bike. Or learning how to use a computer. 

It’s about the easiest way of all to achieve success.

I know in the past, I’ve said that real estate investing is simple but not easy. I’m going against everything I ever said in the past, and I’m not apologizing.

Let me explain….

I almost quit…but here’s what I did instead.

Perhaps you’ve heard me share about my first two years in real estate, how they were both good and bad. I did over 100 deals, but I had little to show for it.  I certainly wouldn’t have been considered successful if you would have looked at my income statement and balance sheet.

At the end of these two years, I sat down to evaluate my business. I wrote down everything that worked well for me and everything that didn’t. 

The truth is, I was at a crossroads and considering quitting real estate investing and finding something that was “easier” to do. But as I identified what I was good at and what was working well for me, I decided to push through instead. Tremendous success followed.

Due to its simplicity, real estate investing is easy. But quitting is easier. So most people choose to quit. 

Most people quit at ‘The Dip’.

Have you heard of a book by Seth Godin called The Dip?  This book is about stories exactly like the one I just shared with you. ‘The Dip’ is the time when you’re at a crossroads. You can either push through, or quit.

Well, for the last few years, my greatest passion has been taking real estate investors who are experiencing The Dip and helping them push through. These are people who know from their own experience that investing works, but they begin to question whether or not it works for them. They’re ready to give up and move on.

I come alongside them, encourage them, and help them to push through to the other side, to the next level.  I help them figure out what they are best at and to design their business around their strengths and to create an incredible business that serves them well. This looks different for all people. But despite the many different situations I’ve seen, I’ve also seen many push through to the other side.

All things in life have challenges. Everything! There are things that everyone’s good at, and you stand out in the eyes of someone only because you pushed through.

You’ve pushed past dips before.

If you would have given up driving after the first few times that you struggled, you wouldn’t be driving today. The same goes for walking. Even for reading. Reading isn’t immediately easy, but if you’re reading this, you certainly pushed through and didn’t give up.  

If every school teacher quit during the Dip, we’d have no teachers today.  

If every doctor quit during the Dip, we’d have no doctors today.  

Those who push through are rare, and it’s the fact that they’re willing to hang in there and push that separates them from everyone else.

Regardless of your profession, you can choose to push through The Dip and become great, or you can quit and retreat and be just like everyone else. 

There’s so much more to say on this. Read The Dip. I know you won’t be disappointed.

And if you find yourself in a dip and need someone to come alongside you, reach out to us at [email protected] for a free interview to determine if coaching is right for you.



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