JP MosesAfter a couple of interesting conversations with my fellow Lifeonaires recently, I feel compelled to share a big-time core value from my “Self-Indoctrination Wall”.

Can you can see it circled in the image above?

To explain, briefly:

More than a few people I’ve talked to recently have talked about approaching something important they’re trying to change in life as kind of an “all or nothing” type thing… as if perfection or mastery is the only definition of success.

And once you make a goof, a blunder or slip up… Well, then you might as well just throw in the towel, give up and just go the other way.

All or nothing, sink or swim…

Please hear me: This a a false dichotomy—an uncompromising lie we tell ourselves.

If you’re someone who’s prone to believe this lie, please don’t drink that Kool-Aid.

Instead try focusing on the truth frequently enough so that it can become part of your core values too, and level-up your Lifeonaire mindset. 🙂

What’s the truth that flat-out contradicts that lie?

This truth is, no matter what you’ve heard before, or what your past experiences may have been—it’s never to late to start again.

Each new day is another chance to change your life for the better, one step at a time. If you weren’t happy with yesterday, don’t marinate in it. Embrace the mistake, learn the lessons from it, and try something different today.

Don’t stay stuck. Do better.

JP MosesDon’t give up. Just start again.

Would love to hear a comment from you if this resonates or hits a cord in any way. 🙂

—Memento Mori, Memento Aeternum.

PS: In case you’re wondering, my “Self-Indoctrination Wall” is a personal strategy I’ve adopted to let the many “good ideas” I encounter actually seep into my thinking and make a positive change in how I think organically, and who I am at my core.

Maybe you can related to this:

  • You read or hear someone share a gold-nugget concept, perceptive idea, or keen insight that gives you that “light bulb moment”.
  • Suddenly you see things through a different (better) lens than you did before. This changes the game!
  • FF a few days: That “light bulb” moment that so brilliantly hit you? Well, fading a little, but still a good idea. Gotta try to remember that!
  • Slowly it fizzles into the background noise and busyness of regular daily life, time and distance.
  • I remember I heard something brilliant…what was it again?
  • The game never really changes.

Once I realized the gaping difference (and distance) between (i) a killer new idea, and (ii) a systematic shift or core value change…that’s when I came up with my “self-indoctrination wall” idea.

Basically, I know that the more I see/read/consider something (meditate on it, or even just notice it) the greater and more lasting the impact it has on me. It seeps from my conscience thoughts into my core values and personal beliefs.

So, Life Hack: Now, when I stumble into things that make me say, “Wow, what a concept! I’d love to start living my life by that!”, then I immediately give myself an easy visual “trigger” so it’ll constantly be in front of me—I add it to my “Self-Indoctrination Wall”, that sits right beside my computer monitor where I sit all day, most every day.

So back to the topic above:

It's never too late to start again.

This is among the visible gems I have at eye-level sight right beside the computer where I sit all day. It straight-up contradicts the “oh well, you slipped up, so might as well just give up” mindset.

I find myself reading it routinely, and over time, have internalized it enough that it’s now part of my own core values. Now, it’s not just a “great idea”—it’s part of who I am.

Talk to me. Tell me what you think about my weird little life hack. Fire away. 🙂


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