By Jeremy Vlasich

It is easy in this chaotic world to forget who we are. We have constant pressure, self doubt, stress, addiction, and other things that rob us of our true selves. 

We go to seminars. We get coaches. We do anything we can to try and find out who we are. 

While these are all very helpful tools, I want to talk about one thing we often forget about when we’re looking for ourselves….

It starts with this reminder:

I recently went to a workshop. The presenter was a truly gifted teacher. She told a story about something that had happened to her son. It was his bad choice. It was an error in his judgment. 

Yet she made the following comment to her son, “You have forgotten who you are. Let me tell you.” 

Personally, I know that I’ve screwed up in life and have done things I was ashamed of. Rather than hearing such a gentle, true statement, I was often reprimanded. Or, I was stabbed with painful word daggers that left me with deep wounds. 

But I really just needed to be reminded that I’d forgotten who I was at that moment.

I’d forgotten who God made me to be.

When we’re born, we’re innocent and pure. God made unique perfection in each of us. There’s no one that has the same fingerprint, ear print, eyes, or DNA that you have. There never has and never will be another one like you. 

God has made you in his image. He is your father. He is the artist that made you. He adores his creation. 

So, how do we forget who we are? 

The answer is a little different for each of us. But, for almost all of us, we have forgotten who our true father is. God does not make mistakes. He loves you so much that he gave you the entire world he created to experience. He created you as his son or daughter.

One way we perpetuate this forgetfulness is that we rely more on others, like our friends, parents, spouses, or coworkers for guidance. 

Here’s the problem: They did not create us. They did not make us for greatness. 

They don’t always have our highest in mind when they give us advice. And, unfortunately, they can’t really “tell us” who we are. God is the constant that can remind us of who we really are in our proudest moments and the times where we fall drastically short of who we are. He is the one who really knows who we are. 

Think about it this way….

Imagine you’ve been in the extreme heat of the desert with no water for multiple days. What do you really want?  Do you want the septic grey water or the purest form of water directly from the pure spring source? 

The reality is that we can drink both when we’re that thirsty. And, at some level, they will both quench our thirst. 

The great news is that we can have either. It is our choice. 

God is the source that will quench our thirst to the fullest. He is the pure spring. The source. 

He can talk to you. He talks to who you really are. He does not talk to where you are at currently. 

And He still remembers who you are. Ask him. He wants to remind you who you are. 

“You must have forgotten who you are. Let me tell you who you are.”

Have you encountered any reminders recently to get back to the source? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

(Note: We’re seeing more assumptions challenged, beliefs built, and lives leveled-up than ever before from people reading Lifeonaire for the first time. 🙂 )

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