For more than a decade now, we’ve been sharing our life-changing message with hundreds of nationwide audiences of all sizes, and your group could be next.

Sharing Lifeonaire with your group or organization is a ‘milestone’ experience that will be remembered and cherished by your attendees for years to come. Even more important, they will leave the event with a transformed perspective and deeper understanding of what living like a Lifeonaire really looks like and how to achieve it.

It’s a movement based on real-life results, not some “pie in the sky” positive thinking message. We change lives and we’d love for you and your folks to experience it for yourselves.

Lifeonaire is available for speaking engagements of all types, including:

Association & business chapter meetings

Conferences & seminars

Workshops & bootcamps

Company outings & retreats

Conventions & Expos

Churches & congregations

And more…


A small sample of what people are saying…

It has totally changed my mindset, it made me think in a logical and simple way. It gave me more inspiration than anything else in my life.
Jacob Parr

Cleveland, OH

I left with a clear vision for how I wanted to live my days, weeks, years, and lifetime. I had steps that were clear to achieve my most important goals.
Amy Gillespie

Colorado Springs, CO

Woke me up. Set a new spark, gave me a fresh perspective that I can achieve my goals and dreams and to figure out what those really are.
Sheree Benoit

Los Angeles, CA

What an incredible pleasure to host Lifeonaire and watch as lives were transformed. As a REIA owner, I greatly appreciated the level of professionalism, polish, and integrity the organization represents. Never before have I hosted an event that had a more positive impact on the future happiness and prosperity of my members. Receiving the deepest gratitude from my members regarding the clarity, vision, and feeling of hope they each left with meant the world to me. My hope is that every REIA (and beyond) will be part of sharing the life-changing Lifeonaire message of freedom.
Lisa Hoegler

Owner, LA South REIA

Thinking about obstacles, I realize now I have given them lives of their own. A personality and a seat at the table of my life. I’m choosing not to serve them or nourish them anymore. Their portion just got a whole lot smaller!
Carol Whelan

Latrobe, PA

Provided a framework for positive change and a system/perspective on how to achieve the life I want.
Paul Agostinelli

Pittsburgh, PA

Eye opening as to how we were living life and running our business the way somebody else thinks we should.
Steve & Laura Halverson

Appleton, WI

Dr. Jason Wojo shows up with energy and conviction, and holds your attention captive. He delivers from a highly educated background, fusing profound information with the evidence of its transformational power. Jason’s knowledge and experience in life transformation is super obvious when you hear him talk about paradigm changing ideas in a way that people understand and connect with. As an organization owner and coach, it is important to have guest speakers that you can trust to present well, give valuable and meaningful information, and help people improve their businesses and lives. We got all of that plus the bonus of tons of rave reviews from those who attended. I couldn’t have been happier. From A-Z, having Jason as a speaker was a rock solid experience.
Mike Ferris

Owner, Delaware Real Estate Investors Association (DelREIA)

Having Lifeonaire come share their message and vision with our group was a powerful experience—definitely a cut far above the rest. Potent discussions on vision, finding deeper purpose, and redefining “success” based on your own rules for life. Recommended for anyone who wants a complete “pattern interrupt” your members will thank you for.
Johnpaul Moses

Founder, Memphis Investors Group (MIG)

The event was everything I expected it to be and more. The philosophy is simple, the changes take work. Having a focused time with guided exercises, time to reflect on what you need to do, and live examples of how others are making the changes in their lives was so encouraging. Now I have a plan, not just a concept.
Jane Garvey

Owner, Chicago Creative Investors Association

I am inspired to live the ‘Lifeonaire’ way.
Gregg Schaafsman

Milwaukee, WI

Jason and his team did a fantastic job presenting the Lifeonaire principles to our group and kept the audience engaged throughout. They challenged the attendees to think differently about their goals and ambitions, and even showed one lucky guy how to overcome his fear of the unknown by eating fire right in front of everyone! It was truly something I’ll never forget and I encourage anyone looking to improve their lives or make big changes to start with Lifeonaire!
Eric George

President, Kentuckiana Real Estate Investors Association (KREIA)

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