For nearly two decades, I’ve been spearheading masterminds, particularly the innovative Lifeonaire masterminds.

These gatherings have nurtured profound relationships among incredible individuals, all focused on enhancing their lives and businesses. Our masterminds have consistently yielded remarkable success.

What defines a successful mastermind?

To truly benefit from a mastermind, you must invest your time.

Without actively engaging with other members, you’ll miss out on the valuable insights and support they offer.

Initially, my masterminds were local, with in-person meetings. As the group expanded, we transitioned into a hybrid model, with multi-day retreats three times a year, supplemented by monthly teleconference calls, now evolved into online meetings.

Commitment to the group demands dedicated time and effort.

It’s essential to note that those who complain about the group’s efficacy are often the ones who aren’t actively participating.

The value of a mastermind lies in the ideas, tips, and experiences shared, which can lead to incredible returns if implemented. Your involvement and commitment directly impact the benefits you receive.

Three key benefits you should expect from a mastermind


Members bring their challenges to the table, and the collective wisdom of the group often provides innovative solutions. Even if your challenge is unique, brainstorming with others can lead to breakthroughs.


There’s a built-in accountability within a mastermind. Integrity drives members to fulfill their commitments, fostering productivity and achievement of goals.


Masterminds create a network of like-minded individuals who understand your journey. These relationships offer support, referrals, and a sense of camaraderie that can be hard to find elsewhere.

When selecting a mastermind, ensure it meets these criteria.

At Lifeonaire, we curate groups to ensure members are at similar levels, avoiding situations where one person dominates. Our coaches guide and hold members accountable, ensuring everyone benefits.

If you’re considering joining a mastermind group, explore Lifeonaire through an interview to see if it aligns with your needs.

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Steve Cook


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