Lifeonaire Faith Corner

Welcome to our Faith Corner. Lifeonaire is organized and guided on Christian values, but is in no way meant to be a “Christians only” club. At times you will read/hear our founders and leaders share principles, ideas and life-lessons that stem from the life and teachings of Jesus, and from the Bible in general.

While we are not ashamed of our foundation and faith in Jesus Christ, understand that the Lifeonaire culture, concepts and principles are relevant, highly valued and decidedly useful to people of any faith or worldview, as evidenced by the members, followers, and fans we have from many different beliefs and backgrounds.

Know that our sincere expression of faith is not intended to be offensive to anyone, and if these principles, core values or this page offends/disturbs you, then Lifeonaire may not be for you. Please feel free to disregard, opt-out and/or part ways as friends.

Lifeonaire Missions

Guatemala TeamWe do our best to give back in may ways.  In addition to supporting many stateside charities and ministries, we annually take a volunteer group of Lifeonaires to Guatemala to serve others, and be the “hands, feet and heart of Jesus.”.

You can learn more about our mission trips here…

These mission trips are having a bigger and bigger impact each year, changing more and more lives—the lives of those in Guatemala who we’re there serving, and the lives of people who actually join us in serving on these trips.

Monthly Foundation Coaching Calls

Also please know that we routinely offer free, openly-available faith-based Foundation coaching calls every month.  You don’t need to be a member of our coaching programs to join or participate in these calls.  Just enter your name and email address below to be notified about any upcoming Foundation calls…