You’ve heard it before: Life’s a journey….But many go on it with no directions.

They don’t have a map to guide them. Occasionally, that leads to adventure and experiences they otherwise would have missed.  But more often than not, they find themselves lost and running on empty.

Have you ever driven your car on empty, just waiting for a place to fill up? Does your life sometimes feel that way?

At Lifeonaire, we help people develop their road map.  We call this their Lifeonaire Vision. With a Vision, life has direction.

When you know where you’re going, you can plan for the journey.

Why is this important?

You can be intentional. If you’re looking at a map and you’re going from one place to another, sometimes you can walk it, sometimes you can drive it, and sometimes you may have to fly or take a boat.  Maybe multiple forms of transportation are necessary. But one thing’s for sure, there needs to be a vehicle that helps get you from where you are to where you want to get to.vehicle

Choosing the right vehicle is the key to a successful journey. You would not take a cargo ship or an airplane to get to the fast food joint a couple of blocks away. It would be overkill and unsuccessful.

When you have a Lifeonaire Vision, you can choose the right vehicle to help you live the life you want.

I’m talking about your business or career.

With a Vision, you can choose a business or career that serves the life you want to live rather than dominating it. It’s hard to say you want to be a family man who’s there for your kids and also build a Fortune 500 company from scratch at the same time.  Both of them require time and effort, and one will surely intrude on the other.

There are ways to make a living that are gratifying, rewarding, and also allow you to make and create the space you need to live and experience an abundant life. But too often, I coach people who come to me with things completely upside down. They’ve built up a business that’s successful, but they feel like they are failing at home. Success came at the expense of missing dinner with families, not being at their kids’ ballgames, not putting their kids to bed at night, a strained relationship with their spouse, and worst of all, a strained relationship with God.

I once heard Patrick Morley, the author of the 24 Problems of the Man in the Mirror, say that no amount of success in the office can make up for failure at home.

So what do you really want to be successful at?

Operating the vehicle, or accomplishing the journey of life?  The good news is, you get to choose. You don’t have to drive on empty, just looking for a place to fill up in a vehicle that doesn’t fit your life.

If you find yourself feeling like you are struggling at home, not measuring up, like life is slipping away, you need Lifeonaire. Don’t put it off. With a Lifeonaire Vision you can plot and plan like never before and do it in a way that honors the things in life that are most important to you.




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