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Join The Longest Running And Most Successful Coaching and Mastermind Program Of Its Type In The Industry

Dear friend,

Imagine being part of an exclusive, tight-knit community of smart, hungry, amazing people that are making incredible things happen in their lives and want to help you succeed as well.

…people that are inspirational go-getters and go-givers who are there to inspire, support and hold you accountable. 

…people that are there to celebrate your wins and also pick you up when you stumble.

…people that are experiencing their own Lifeonaire Vision and who will walk alongside you in your own journey.

That’d be pretty amazing, right?

These people will be your most-trusted allies, closest friends, and your go-to “board of advisors” in life and business to give you encouragement, accountability, ideas and feedback.

Now imagine ALSO having in your corner your very own personal 1-on-1 coach.

A very special individual who has a deep passion for helping others and has a proven track record of success both in their own life and with their students. 

This person will guide, lead, inspire and help you achieve your wildest goals and dreams in record time.

Sound Incredible? It Is.

What I’ve just described to you is the tip of the iceberg, but is the foundation of the Lifeonaire Titanium Coaching and Mastermind program.

Forged in 2007, we’ve honed, tweaked, refined and perfected what has become the longest-running program in the industry that is responsible for more success stories than any other program I’m aware of (and I’ve been around for a while).

In other words, we have what I believe to be, quite frankly, THE BEST PROGRAM ON THE PLANET for helping people make more, work less, and live better lives.

In fact, we often end up helping the people who previously signed up for $25,000, $50,000, or even $75,000 coaching programs that didn’t get what they wanted. 

The single phrase we hear over and over in these cases is “I wish I had found you guys first.”

Now, there are many things that make our students so incredibly successful and our program so special and unique, but if I had to boil it down to just a few, I think 3 of the biggest ones are:

#1: We Help You Design, Crystalize,
Then Achieve Your Ideal Life.

This is the most important (and most often missed) piece of the puzzle. 

Do this correctly and you have an exact success blueprint to follow. 

Do it poorly or not at all and you’re going to really struggle to achieve the life and business you want. 

The reason is simple…it’s because all your other decisions will orbit around what you create here. 

For example, after we help you create your Lifeonaire Vision you may discover that you can only work 10-15 hours per week without compromising other parts of your Vision. Totally cool and achievable. Now that you know that, we can help you design the perfect business to make that a reality. 

Or maybe you want to run your business remotely from Spain 4 months of the year. Ok awesome. Can you see how that’s important for us to know so that we can help you set things up so you don’t have to be boots on the ground? 

That same logic goes for everything else you desire in life too – whether you want more time with family, better health, stronger friendships, more time volunteering, etc. The Vision will get you there.

In other words, armed with your Lifeonaire Vision, you’re in position to achieve anything you want.

Not sure if you’re living your Lifeonaire Vision? Here’s a quick test…

If you’re not waking up and jumping out of bed 8 out of 10 days excited about what’s ahead in your day, you’re not living it.

“I have many other wonderful things in my life besides work”

“My wife likes me a lot more and we finally have a life!  Before Lifeonaire, I worked all the time and if I wasn’t working, I was thinking about work.  Now, I work a lot less, I enjoy the time I work a lot more, and I have many other wonderful things in my life besides work…like time with my wife and friends. :-)”

Josh Gierach, Madison WI

#2: You’re Part Of An Incredible,
Empowering Community.

This is a COMPLETE game-changer. 

We’ve all heard that we’re the average of those we hang out with the most, so what would that be worth to you to be plugged into a tight-knit group of  top-notch, quality, incredible people that are all passionate about living a better life? 

Think you’d benefit? Of course you would!

Here’s just some of the ways people benefit from the group:

  • Crucial Accountability – Need someone to help you stay on track and accountable? You’ll get it. This will make a huge difference for you.
  • Genuine Support and Encouragement – When you’re facing a challenge, you’ll be surrounded by people to lift you up, inspire, encourage, and cheer you on. When things are going great, they’ll come alongside you to share in your wins and celebrate with you.
  • Vast Experience and Expertise – There’s a tremendous amount of variety and depth of experiences, expertise, fields, industries, and interests in the group. This means you get to benefit from all of it! There’s a ton of cross-pollination and growth that occurs due to this fact.
  • Powerful Networking – You’re now not only part of an incredible group of people, but you’re also plugged into their expanded network of awesome people too, because “birds of a feather…”.  In fact, you’ll likely get access to high-level people who otherwise would be inaccessible or unreachable. 
  • Shared Tools and Resources – There’s a strong spirit of openness and collaboration in the groups. Need a document, contract, or agreement? Someone else probably has one they’ll share. Interested in a specific training, course, or seminar? Someone else likely already went through it and can share their notes and key takeaways. Looking for a contractor, attorney, financial planner, freelancer, etc.? You can see who others have used and save yourself the hassle and pain of hiring the wrong one.

“My Lifeonaire friendships are ones that will last a lifetime”

“Being a Titanium student has been absolutely life changing. My wife was able to quit her full-time job, our investments now fully pay for our lifestyle, and we take about a dozen vacations per year. It’s been almost four years and I wouldn’t be where I am without the accountability, friendships, love and support that I have gotten from this group. The accountability from this group really works. Like family would, they provide tough love, support and expertise to help me follow through with my goals.  Also, developing friendships is one thing I didn’t expect or join for, but my Lifeonaire friendships are ones that will last a lifetime. I always look forward to the next retreat because I get to spend 3 days with some of the best people in the world!”

Adrian Smude, Plant City FL

Outside of Lifeonaire, most people don’t have anything close to the support group they need to be successful and they suffer tremendously as a result. 

They feel lonely, alone, isolated, and on their own. 

They don’t know who or where to turn to for advice or help. 

They feel the weight of the world on their shoulders and that no one understands their situation or challenges. 

Don’t let that be you! You never have to be alone again!

In fact, our groups have been called “The family you WISH you had” by our students.

#3: You Get Life and Business Coaching
(You 100% Need Both).

This is crucial. 

A decent life coach can help you with some limiting beliefs and negative patterns in your life, but they likely have no clue how to help you make real money or structure your business in a way to serve that life. That’s a big problem, wouldn’t you say?

Conversely, a good business coach might help you build a profitable business, but they’ll probably destroy your life in the process. This is a deadly mistake because the whole purpose of your business is to support the life you want. That’s why this approach isn’t going to work either.

Here’s the truth you need to know: 

To be truly successful, you need your life and business to both work together because they’re interdependent and influence each other in a huge way.

That means you need someone who can help you with BOTH life and business.

That’s how we have students like Josh who went from having 400 units and working 60 hours per week in his property management company to 850 units and working 20 hours per week. 

Or Adrian, whose business provided all his passive cash flow needs for him and his wife to be able to take 13 vacations last year.

Or Steve and Laura, who simplified their life and business and paid off $1.8 million in debt and increased their monthly cash flow $24,756 per month.

I could go on and on with success stories like this, but you’ll hear them all from the people themselves when you join and meet them.

“They completely changed my mindset and approach to investing”

“Before I joined Lifeonaire I had been investing for over 10 years and by the world’s standards, I was successful. At my very first retreat they completely changed my mindset and approach to investing in a way that it lined up much better with my end goal of freedom so that I could prioritize what was most important to me in life. I changed the direction of my investing and as a result I have paid off a considerable amount of debt and simplified my investing plan, which leaves me more free time for my family and to pursue other interests. Lifeonaire is an ongoing process that will change your life.”

Dr. Kevin Cuccinelli, Larkspur CO

Who Is This For?

This isn’t for everyone. But if…

You’re tired of the way things are and know you were meant for more. 

You’re coachable, ready to make a change now and take action towards achieving time and financial freedom. 

You’re committed to experiencing the life and business of your dreams.

Then this is what you’ve been searching for.  

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“Being a Titanium student has helped me to let loose, focus on and walk with confidence in my purpose.”

“We are all born with a deep and meaningful purpose that we have to discover. Our purpose is not something we need to make up; it’s already there. Some people bury it, others never have a chance to look for it, and there are those of us trying hard to reach it. Being a Titanium student has helped me to let loose, focus on and walk with confidence in my purpose. The relationships and accountability in Lifeonaire have helped me shape the life I want and I am forever grateful.”

Teresa Nelson, Santan AZ