Hey guys, a quick, important message especially for you if you’re a Lifeonaire member/coaching student. We’ve got 2 very special and important events you don’t want to miss in the works of our upcoming Oklahoma City retreats in early June.

  1. A full day of learning how to level-up your wealth planning game.
  2. A rare change to make personal connections, rub shoulders and make friends with other Lifeonaires thriving in Titanium groups outside your own.

Boom! 🙂

Rather than type it all out for you, here’s a quick video with the details you need.

Take a Look at What’s in Store…

And again, you don’t want to miss these two special events we’ve got for you—do what you can to be there with us! 🙂

Jason Wojo—Jason Wojo
Lifeonaire Coach & CEO

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