Redeem Your MAREIA Member Lifeonaire Benefits

As a valued MAREIA member, you now get exclusive access to Lifeonaire benefits  to help you achieve a new level of success in both life and business.

  • Two free tickets for you and a guest to attend the Get-A-Life Getaway, where you’ll create a crystal-clear vision and action plan to achieve your ideal life. Over 10,000 people have attended this event and had their lives changed.
  • Two free tickets for you and a guest to attend the Business Builder ‘3-Day MBA’ Workshop. You’ll learn how to create a wildly-profitable business you love that supports (instead of sacrifices!) your life and gives you time and financial freedom.
  • A digital copy of the best-selling Lifeonaire book, that will transform your definition, perspective, pursuit, and attainment of success.
  • The ‘SEAD’ (Strategic Elimination, Automation, Delegation) Quick Start guide to help you create a business that can run on autopilot without you doing all the work.
  • And much more!