What is Enough?

Do you have Enough?

Will there ever be Enough?

Are you Enough?

What does Enough even really mean?

Enough: /iˈnəf/
equal to what is needed : in the amount needed : to the necessary degree

Whenever I walk into a store—whether ia grocery store, convenience store, drug store, clothing store, super-center—the further along my faith journey I am, the more my eyes are opened to just how many options we have as consumers, especially in the United States… and this by our own design.

Our desires, left untamed, have demanded these options. The status quo, the simple life, the bare necessities… let’s face it, we’ve trained ourselves to just not be satisfied with less than five options (minimum) for every single thing we purchase or want to make.

It has to be organic, it has to be non-GMO, it has to be pretty and colorful, it has to be clear, uncolored so it’s not full of dyes and chemicals, it has to be a statement of my wealth and success to others, but it has to be a knock-off so I can afford it, it has to be scented, but I’m allergic to scents …

Our desires demand that we keep creating more!

How does this affect the generations we are bringing up behind us? Lifeonaires are always considering this, the legacy being left behind.

Lifeonaire founder, Steve Cook, ran across this blog post by Ann Voskamp the other day and it struck a chord with him.

She has a graceful way of reminding us what exactly enough is, through the eyes of a child…

Grab your favorite cup of mom-juice or morning cup of ‘pick-me-up’ and grow yourself a wee bit this morning with this…won’t you?

How 3 Words can Stop What’s Stealing Your Joy: Instead of Staying Stuck In Comparing & Competing

Written by Ann Voskamp

So, yeah, this kid?

She’s apparently got a problem when it’s her kid sister’s birthday.

And honestly… it’s sorta understandable.

I mean — who really especially likes it, or finds it easy —  when the other kid gets the big cake?

Or the big gifts. Or all the flashing cameras on her grinning mug smiling pretty over candles?

{Come ‘on, haven’t we all felt this way or seen our child act this out before? Find out how this particular story unfolds here…}

Some part of the art of life is the art of believing — that the grace in the pocket is sufficient for today, that the celebration and the feast is wide enough to encircle all of you too, that the candles light you too. ~Ann Voskamp: How 3 Words can Stop What’s Stealing Your Joy: Instead of Staying Stuck In Comparing & Competing

What do you think? Be sure to come back over here after you’ve read her post and tell us! We would love to hear your thoughts/comments below.

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