Steve CookSeriously: How are you preparing for your Future?

Let me guess, as I toss you that question, you’re thinking about retirement, right? Thoughts of how you will provide for your family, your life, etc.?

I get it, almost all of us will default to that. And let’s face it, everyone who is reading this has anywhere between one day and many decades left on this earth.

When you really consider preparing for retirement, you’re spending a good portion of your life preparing for 10 years or so, give or take.  When we’re focused on preparing for our family’s financial future, we tend to work so much that we don’t actually enjoy our families as much as we would like in the process.

Consider: How much do we intentionally sacrifice throughout our lives “planning for the future”, so that we can live the good life for essentially a relatively short period of time?

I’ve been there.

I’ve been consumed with preparing for the future.

I’ve also taken a step back to contemplate it. And when I contemplate it, it seems so small.

It seems so insignificant.

What if I’m preparing for the wrong thing?

What about eternity?

I mean, millions and billions of years, no end.

There is nothing short about it. Even if my retirement is 50 years it is absolutely nothing compared to eternity.

As I think about preparing for my future, I should be thinking of eternity. I should be preparing my family for eternity.

If I’m focused on a short retirement in this life, that is what my children will see and learn, and they’ll likely end up doing the same thing. The greatest tragedy can come from that.  I spend my time preparing for short retirement and teach my family to do the same. They may completely miss the boat.

Please understand: Eternity is real, and if you believe like I do, Jesus is the way there.

If we get so focused on the things of this world and we take our eye off of him we may miss out on the greatest life of all—one that endures forever.  And if we aren’t preparing our family for it, they may also miss it.

So the next time you contemplate your future, may I kindly urge you to consider eternity over retirement?

Prepare for it, it’s coming.Steve Cook

If you’re reading this and you’re not sure where you stand with eternity, then I’d love to help you. Just say something. I’m happy to connect with you.

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