By Polish Peter

This is one of the biggest questions I get from students and Lifeonaire Get-a-Life Getaway participants:

“How do I get there quicker? How do I live my full Vision faster than I think it will take for me to get there?”

Why is it that some people reach their full vision in 1 to 2 years while others can’t seem to get it in 5-8 years or longer?

Here’s the thing…

If you know anything about a Lifeonaire Vision, it encompasses every single area of your life, not just the financial part of your life. That Vision encompasses areas such as…

  • Your relationship with your wife, your husband, especially after you’ve been married for some years and you wish that you could get back to that honeymoon phase. 🙂 Remember that honeymoon, how amazing was that?!
  • Your relationship with your parents or kids. Maybe you don’t have one right now because you haven’t talked to them for months or even years…
  • Your relationship with your siblings or friends…where right now it’s just ‘so-so’ but you wish it was better and deeper…
  • Your spiritual growth and relationship with something that’s bigger than you, your relationship with your Creator…
  • Your health – where in your vision, you want to look good in the mirror naked with that six-pack, while today, you look like a Pillsbury doughboy…
  • Your financial picture where you want to be financially free, have $5,000/mo in passive income… and yet, you’ve been struggling for years trying to just make the ends meet.

And so forth…you get the picture.

So, why is it that you have a hard time getting those things, while other people just GET THEM!?

It seems like they are just making things happen, that life just ALIGNS for them and they live their vision easily. Why is that?

The answer?

It all comes down to having the right mindset! That’s it!

I know it sounds simplistic, but once you get your mind RIGHT, once you break through the barriers, break through the limiting beliefs, break through those blind spots and beliefs about the different areas of your life, about money, about people, about society, about your vision, about growth, about fear, about yourself…shall I keep going?…

Once you get that…

You’ll be unstoppable!

  • You’ll start taking massive action towards that vision….
  • You’ll have people show up in your life to help you fulfill your vision…
  • You’ll open your heart and eyes to the new opportunities that align with your vision….
  • You’ll be reaching out to people you never thought you could access to who will help you get what you want.

Don’t believe me? Let me show you. Let’s pull one of the goals from the above example…

Let’s talk about you being financially free and having that $5,000/mo in passive income…

Today, as you sit and read this, you’ve been struggling for years trying to just make the ends meet.

If that’s the case, I have a few questions for you…

  • What’s your view about money?
  • What’s your view about rich people?
  • What are your beliefs about that?

Seriously. Take a moment and ask yourself those questions.

Anything there that could be holding you back?

Ok…let’s try another quick exercise right now.

Without hesitation, without thinking, just the first words that come into your mind, I want you to finish these sentences for me:

  • Money is…
  • Money isn’t…
  • In order to make money, I have to…
  • Money makes people…
  • Rich people are…
  • Rich people are not…

Now, for any of the above answers that you got, unless you have done a lot of work in this area, your answers probably have the words such as “lazy, crazy, bad, problems, hard, dirty, fun, cheap, evil. etc”

If that’s the case, are you still wondering why you can’t seem to ATTRACT and KEEP that money?


I’ll give you another example…

When I was growing up in communist Poland, we lived in a small 14’x14’ room that was our living room, dining room, bedroom, and playroom. The kitchenette was off to the side and the bathroom was down the hallway that everyone in the building used. How fun, right?

When I look back, one of my most frequent memories was my parents fighting about money. They seemed to constantly fight about money. My dad was an alcoholic so he would start the fights trying to get money from my mom to go and drink at the bar.

So, when I did the above exercise, I found out that for me, money equals problems!

Money creates problems, money means fighting.

Now, logically speaking, that didn’t make any sense.

However, emotionally speaking, and that was wired within me, that’s what I believed!

In fact, every time money came up, I would get nervous or have this weird, bad feeling that something might go wrong.

Now, let me ask you: how could I ever have lots of money and have passive income in my life with those beliefs, with those feelings attached to it? I couldn’t!

And by the way…as you can imagine, my view of money at that time created a lack of money which created a whole bunch of problems for me that I have been trying to avoid this whole time lol. Talk about a vicious circle. Go figure, right?

So once I discovered that blind spot, I started to reframe a NEW belief where Money is ABUNDANT, and it’s a vehicle that allows me to do great things and help many people.

I started looking for opportunities to PROVE that NEW belief for myself which not only reinforced that new belief, but created a chemical reaction in my body and my brain which started firing and creating new neural pathways to reinforce that new belief.

In fact, I no longer had cortisol being released in my body (when I was fearful about money and how it created problems).

With the new belief, I had dopamine and endorphins firing like crazy. It finally felt really good!

And since money was now… ABUNDANT (instead of problems), I started seeing opportunities, talking to people about doing deals with them, getting new clients, being open, and taking massive actions.

I was no longer hesitant to do things, to talk to people, to take action!

As you can see, that missing element to getting your vision fulfilled starts with your mindset.

Tony Robbins once said that success is made up of 80% mindset, 20% mechanics/strategy. I truly believe that!

Once you SHIFT your mindset, amazing things happen and you start living that vision in half the time you think it’s possible.

My questions to you now are these:

  • What did you get out of me sharing this?
  • What beliefs do you have about money, relationships, life, people, growth, society, even yourself that are keeping you from growing in those areas?

Brainstorm and write those beliefs down.

Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing more info with you about how to actually make this happen, how to reframe your beliefs, break down your limiting beliefs, open those blind spots and finally be able to take massive actions towards your vision.

Polish Peter

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