Steve Cook

You probably think I’m crazy right now. Likely, you’d never want someone to read the private things that you’ve written.

Or would you?

I’m suggesting that there’s a time for you to actually let someone read your journal.

A Success Story

An idea came from a couple in my Flip VIPs coaching group. After some struggles in their marriage, they discovered that a lot of it had to do with poor communication. So they decided to take up a little exercise.

They decided to journal together.

It’s very simple, yet it has opened up great communication between the two of them.

Journaling allows them time to process how they’re feeling and helps them communicate in a much healthier way than they have in the past. They both look forward to getting their spouse’s journal in their hands so they can learn what the other’s day was like and hear what’s on their mind.

It doesn’t replace talking for them. But in the busyness of life, they discovered that they just weren’t communicating, so journaling has helped tremendously.

I, and others in the group, like the idea so much that we are implementing it in our own marriages.

In Our Journals….

We can express praise and gratefulness for one another. We can share our concerns, how we’re feeling, how our day went, and things that may be heavy on our hearts and minds. We can celebrate victories. We can express, perhaps share a flirtatious word or two.

The bottom line is, journaling together is something that can improve communication, and it’s something a couple can look forward to.

Steve CookTry it out and let us know how it works out for you.

Have you tried–or considered trying–journaling with your spouse? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.




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