Shaun McCloskeyMy family and I just went to Disneyland in California last week. I was split between two feelings most of the time I was there.

The first feeling was that of absolutely overwhelm because of all of the people everywhere.  It seems the older I get, the less patience I have for crowds. 😐

The second feeling though, was of completely and total awe. Every single thing in that park is meticulously thought out. Everything there is very intentional and to serve a single purpose:  to give each customer with the most incredible experience of their lives.  

Man, do they deliver!

It was so impressive it’s hard to describe. I know many of you have been there in the past, so you know what I’m referring to, but a couple of things that stuck out to me that we can all learn from:

1. The park is immaculately clean…

Everywhere I looked, everything was clean, freshly painted, almost looked brand new.  Contrast this to my experience taking my kids to Six Flags last year where all of the rides looked old, paint was chipping off of most of the rides, there was trash all over the place, etc.

2. There were trash cans everywhere

…and not a single one of them was more than half full.  I remember an article years ago about how Walt Disney was pretty irritated one day in his park because he’d just finished eating a hot dog and he couldn’t find any place to put his trash. After that, he implemented a new company policy: Trash cans must be placed within any distance short enough to finish eating a hot dog.

This policy still holds true today. I could see a trash can about every 15-30 feet throughout the entire park. Not one of them had any flies around them because the staff empties them when they are no more than half full.

3. Even waiting in line was an experience

Most of the lines weren’t just lines at all. Most of them had, at the very least, things to look at that were really cool and part of the experience. Many of the rides (like Space Mountain and others) had sound effects going on in the background that genuinely made you feel like you were in space, on a spaceship, out in the middle of nowhere.  It’s all part of the experience.

4. They ended each day on the ultimate high note…

Each day, each park ends the day differently and each are just as magical as the next. At California Adventure, they end the day with the most incredible light show/water fountain show you’ve ever imagined. It’s all done to music and really brings out the magic in the air.  It literally brought tears to my eyes and made me feel like a little kid again. It was incredible. I left that day exhausted, but feeling incredible.

The next day we went, and they ended the day there with the most incredible fireworks display I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It was all done over the Disney castle, and each firework launched matched the music that was being played at rock concert level volumes. It was beautiful, and once again, brought tears to my eyes. I left there again feeling exhausted but also feeling like there was some kind of magic in the air.

This stuff happens every single day there.

Every. Single. Day.

It’s no wonder roughly 44,000 people visit these parks just about every day of the year.  Imagine the revenue that comes from this. Each ticket was more than $100, not to mention food, snacks, souvenirs, etc… that are bought there each day. Do the math.

The place is a gold mine, all because they take the customer experience into full consideration and then deliver. And wow do they deliver!

So here’s my question to you:

While Lifeonaire doesn’t only apply to entrepreneurs, many of the Lifeonaire Titanium coaching students and Lifeonaire Insiders I know are owning/running one business or another. To those people specifically I challenge with this:

  • Do the people you’re serving realize anything close to this level of experience when working with you?
  • If not, how could they?  (Not a rhetorical question…ponder it.)

If you intend to make more money this year in business for yourself, I would start by asking yourself:

“What kind of experience does the people I serve need to have in order to make them raving fans who never want to leave me?

If you can answer that, I’m pretty sure all of your revenue challenges will take care of themselves. What do you think?

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