A month ago I was challenged to start moving towards my vision now and not to wait on having more income / investments. Here is what has happened.

In the past month I located and reprinted my last vision and finally let my wife sit down and we talked in detail about it.

That week we started to unclutter a few rooms and set times in the schedule for family outings.

The next week we invested in a major part of the vision and instead of my two days I took off work to do detail cleaning the family went swimming at a local hotel that sells day passes for the pool and went to a museum the next day.

Suffice to say this did not really stop the work from getting done at the house either.

The following week was quite hectic at my job but I made an opportunity to drive the school carpool and had one on one time with my oldest 3 children even though it was running errands.

The remaining weeks lead to getting a nice hutch and other furniture from a family member, purchasing a cart load of new board games and puzzles, along with getting my vision in front a lot more. In fact it is now my lock screen on my phone. The first change I noticed was it helped me make better time decisions when on my phone.

Now every time I have even looked at the time on my phone I am reminded of different vision things. At work I am setting up a leadership study meeting to discuss various books and podcasts. This does frighten me a bit, but part of my vision is to build up leaders in my business, so I thought why not start now even of I don’t own the business.

At home we are now dealing with a different part of the vision and that is to help families and children in need. Without too many details, we have a child that as of right now will be living with us for the remainder of the school year. A reality we did not want to happen but to help both mom and this child we, my wife and their mother, made the discussion to allow this to happen.

Thank you to Lifeonaire for getting us started, and allowing me to start living life, hectic as it seems now, with more purpose and abundance.

Thank you specifically to Steve Cook for asking tough, thought provoking, questions. A month ago I would not have imagined this much change.

– Benjamin Hoffman

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