Steve CookLast year, I released an article called “Throw Away the Lid” about treating your life like a vessel, ready for abundance. This one is a bit of a play on that, but I’m going to focus more on the times when you’re feeling empty, like when you have nothing to give, or when you’re feeling down.

These are times when we need to be filled up.

We want someone to come along and pour into us.

What if it’s the opposite of what we think?

What if the quickest way for us to get filled is to pour out what little we do have?

Is this possible?

It is. In fact, I always say “if you think you have it bad, help someone else”.

When I would go down to the homeless shelter, I became much more grateful. Nothing made me feel filled more than getting this perspective change. It helped me move away from discontentment and towards appreciating the good in my life.

Whether it’s reaching out to someone to say you’re thinking about them, praying for them, or preparing a meal for them, pouring out what little you have is a great way to get filled.

It may not make any sense, but I encourage you to try it sometime.

Are you prepared to be filled?

God knows when you are truly empty. The good news is He’s there waiting to fill you.

Just make sure you empty yourself for things that He wants to fill you with.

Don’t waste what you have on complaining or on things that are sure to take you lower. Give your all to doing good, and watch how it refreshes you.

Steve Cook



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