In the very beginnings of Lifeonaire, there was a very popular book circling around called The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.  In fact, it’s still popular today.  Arguably it’s popular because there are so many people that desire to live a life of purpose.

40 Days of Purpose

Back then, the church I was attending jumped into the movement to help lead people to this kind of life.  My wife was tapped on the shoulder to come alongside the church and help launch the 40 Days of Purpose small group study within the church.  

So this was a relatively large church that had no small group structure.  It was my wife’s job to get that up and running, and she was able to get over 100 groups and over 1000 participants to launch into this.

The study was very impactful.  Week after week, people would share their stories of how God was moving in their lives and showing them their purpose.  It was so exciting to hear the stories.

Now, enter Lifeonaire  

When God gave me Lifeonaire I knew it was supposed to be something that impacted the hearts and lives of many people.  I wanted the impact to be real, so I studied different programs and the effects they had on the lives of people to determine the best path for Lifeonaire.

So one of the studies that I observed was the 40 Days of Purpose. I noticed that after 6 weeks of studying the Purpose Driven Life, the groups moved on to a different study. Before long, 40 days of Purpose was in the rear view mirror.  Their focus was changed to the new study.  

I knew that Lifeonaire had to be different.  

Being in it for the long haul

If you want to see a significant impact and really have a purposeful life, you need to be in it for the long haul.  6 weeks courses, even 1 year courses are just not the answer.  

I focused on Jesus.  Jesus came alongside 12 guys and invested his life into them for a period of 3 years.  It wasn’t about reaching millions of people, or scaling, or automating.  Instead, Jesus lived with them.  

Think about it. There were only 12 of them.  Did Jesus reach millions?  Absolutely, but he did it through those 12, and the people they touched.  

It was a multiplying effect, not the fad of the moment.  

Lifeonaire is changing people’s lives and my philosophy has always been that the best way to share it with the world is if each of us shares it with others.

Do you want to share it with others? If so, reach out to a friend. Talk with them. Maybe invite them to the Facebook group. Let’s come alongside our friends and family and help them change their lives.

Steve Cook


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